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Should the UK be In or Out of Europe?

Shake it all about
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Re: This Europe Stuff

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Yes just give the streets to the gangs and mobs and let's just move to the country and live our middle class liberal lives. The trouble is there are lots of decent working class people that want a safe environment to live and bring children up.Left to the bleeding heart brigade they won't ever get it.

Donny, with all due respect (i.e. none), f*ck the very f*ck off with this racist bilge. I grew up just outside Leeds and the "no go areas" were places like Harehills, Gipton and Armley. All very working class, all very white, all rough as f*ck. We used to go to Chapeltown (very working class, very black) to buy weed and never once had trouble.

Transferring the inevitable outcomes of poverty to a particular race or nationality is racist as f*ck and you should be ashamed of yourself.
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Re: This Europe Stuff

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I don't give a flying f*ck if it sounds racist. There should be no streets in this country that folk are frightened to to walk down. That makes no difference what race the locals doing the stabbing and murdering belong to. Rotherham had a bunch of Asian paedohiles that was responsible for raping around 1500 children because the Police found it to sensitive to investigate. Social workers admitted they let things go because they didn't want to upset Asian communities.

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Who'd have thunk it, the other self proclaimed Brexit voter is also an utter racist.

Re: This Europe Stuff

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It’s nice that after 269 pages we’ve finally established that Donny voted to leave the EU because he doesn’t want to get bummed by Somalis.


Re: This Europe Stuff

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What's more important to him?

Being able to cross from Ireland to Northern Ireland without a border, or not be bummed by Somalis?

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Is there really anyone left who, when looking at the information that's come to light since the brexit vote can't work out that low information voters were manipulated by lying b@stards?

It's no surprise that Lawwson made sure he can still visit his house in France, Farrage has made sure to obtain German passports for his kids, Chris the Maltese Kiwi - Millionaire backer of Brexit, has shot off and obtained a Maltese passport and Aarron Banks is just a c*nt in Putin's pocket.

Oh, and Rees Mogg advises his clients to pull their money out of the UK and invest in Europe.

After knowing all of this, are there still people that think those who canvassed for Brexit were acting in good faith?

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Rich B and Donny are probably the same poster.  If not the same person.  They are racist, afraid and dim.  They don’t care about what happens to the country as a whole as long as horrid foreigners (probably darkies) are not allowed in or given any rights. The facts don’t mean a thing.  Why bother trying to convince them.  It’s completely pointless.  They are the problem not us. Although how the fcuk can we get out of this mess them and their ilk have created?

Can there be a forced general election or a point where there has to be a second referendum?  It’s looking very bleak. 

Chicago:  It’s the hope that kills you.

PS:  As an aside I am an immigrant in the States albeit a white one and xenophobia is still present.  What’s interesting is that most of my good friends come from Football not work or socializing.  Pretty much every race you could think of.  Moroccan, Saudi, Iranian, Israeli, Russian, Bosnian, Albanian, Croatian, Jamaican, Nigerian.  Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian,  Mexican, Bolivian,  Brazilian and women! (fcuk the Argies and the Austrians!) All lovely lovely people.  Not one of them a terrorist.  Far nicer than the locals generally.  The racist statement doesn’t hold up other than fear.  Fear of what?   Actually liking someone who’s not a local?  Pussies!  You might learn something...
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Re: This Europe Stuff

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Yes just give the streets to the gangs and mobs and let's just move to the country and live our middle class liberal lives.

You do realise that a majority of 'leavers' come from the more rural areas where many of them barely see anyone of colour, and the big metropolitan hubs tended to be remain voting?

That's partly because people who actually see this 'terrible' immigration problem on their doorstep generally see the benefits, whereas people who don't are easily frightened by people with a racist agenda and a fear of people who aren't exactly like themselves.

I certainly wouldn't want to bring a kid up in an insular and racist environment, such as the one you suggest
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Re: This Europe Stuff

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I've read the arguments, consolidated the positions, and come to the conclusion RichB and Donny are scared of brown people.

A couple of pussies standing behind a nationalistic load of sh!t pretending they're hard. So just a couple of pussies.

Worst bit is, they're hell bent on destroying their country because they're a bunch of pussies. At least the skinheads 30 odd years ago stood up and fought for what was right. Now we're left with a bunch of Jacob Rees Moggs.


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What I don't get about shy racists is, why don't they just admit they are prejudiced? Just own your beliefs.  Don't try and cover it up with some "I'm just trying to save our way of life" nonsense . Admit it. You have a deep seated fear of people whose languages you are not comfortable with, or whose culture you don't understand.  Be honest.  Because you can't rationalise the anti-immigration thing, given  that we are all immigrants eventually and there is no defensible line you can draw like "before this date you can stay but after it you're unacceptable".

Just come out and say it. We are all human and to be human is to be fallible. 

I think the reason is that accepting what you really are - afraid of something you don't understand - shows weakness.  There's nothing wrong with showing weakness, of course. It's much harder to try to face up to the things you fear, and much easier to withdraw into a mental ghetto where you just blame 'others' for things you don't like.

And that's how the populists- the Trumps and the Farages, and the radical Islamists -  get you. They turn people against each other. They play you. And even when it's staring you in the face, you dare not admit it to yourself.

The very last refuge of the shy racist, of course, is the "well Hitler did have some worthwhile ideas" way of thinking. You've thought that, right? "He had it right when it comes to those thieving gypsies ". Yeah - we've all been there at some point, but most of us then think "sh!t - what am I going on about? I sound like a Nazi".

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I don't think I am racist, just because I actually am not afraid to say for example, that all the rapist peados in Rotherham were Pakistani. That is a fact and Social Workers, Counsellors and Police admitted they ignored it so as not cause racial tension. In one incident a naked twelve year old girls Dad tried to get her out of a Pakistani house and the Police actually arrested the Dad. Then they left her in the house high on drugs and still f*cking naked. Twelve year old.

Re: This Europe Stuff

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This is so obviously trolling of the most extreme variety that it really isn't worth responding to. Donny had his faults but he was basically decent not a raving racist lunatic, unless Brexit has done that to him?

Re: This Europe Stuff

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all the rapist peados in Rotherham were Pakistani.

Rotherham...that hotbed of paedo's it seems. Bloody anglo-saxon immigrants...,dangerous-paedophile-who-groomed-boys-on-facebook-jailed_24472.htm

At least Lilly Allen speaks sense

"A 2011 report from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection unit found people convicted of grooming offences were 38% white, 26% Asian and 32% ethnicity unknown.

Asians form 7% of the UK population, so it does seem out of kilter until you ask if Asians are more likely to be convicted by a mostly-white jury that's been repeatedly told Muslims do all the child abuse.

CEOP itself says the data is not reliable because it comes in part from a handful of areas where there's been a big focus on this type of crime. The first Rotherham abuse trial was in 2010, the year before these figures were gathered.

In other words, there seems to be a sex abuse problem in places like places like Rotherham, where it's been on trial and not from, oh I don't know, Westminster where it hasn't."
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