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I'll add a poll to support my post then. Who is your player of the season?

[ 1 ] (2.6%)
Jara Reyes
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 6 ] (15.4%)
[ 4 ] (10.3%)
[ 2 ] (5.1%)
[ 2 ] (5.1%)
[ 9 ] (23.1%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 11 ] (28.2%)
[ 2 ] (5.1%)
[ 1 ] (2.6%)
Some other odd choice like Alan Hutton..
[ 1 ] (2.6%)
[ 0 ] (0%)

Total Members Voted: 37

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Re: Player of the season

Reply #30
Darlow for me.
He's been ever-present and performed brilliantly most of the time.
Also, an unexpected breath of fresh following the departure of sulky Mr. Camp.

Re: Player of the season

Reply #31
Reid for me.  Honourable mention for Jara Reyes, but he's only been here half the season.

I wouldn't argue if Guedioura won it, but he won't, because it's an e-mail poll and not enough people will be able to spell him.

Re: Player of the season

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Wasn't he sent off in his first or second game after coming back from suspension too?  I think his red at Palace was one of his first appearances after injury and he missed a chunk of the season due to the African Nations Cup too.  He may win if it's "Player of the games he played in during the season" but it isn't.

Wasn't it the Cardiff game?  We'd managed to get ourselves 3-0 up and ended up scrambling a bit.  Seem to remember he was booked for a dive?

He's also, on a couple of occasions recently (and maybe this falls into Donny's 'tries the spectacular' argument), been caught out trying to overplay in his own half, which has led to one of our centre halves getting themselves booked.

I'd go along with the Cohen argument I think, all things considered (general consistency, seems a decent ambassador, nominally at least playing out of position, and still relatively early days since his serious injury).

Re: Player of the season

Reply #33
i agree with whoever said angela would walk it if he'd been fit all season.. but as he wasn't, i can't see further than the geddy/reidy choice.. and the algerian gets it because ingo's not the boss of me.

honourable mention to halford. his ability to be really good whilst looking like he couldn't be any less interested in the game is something worthy of some kind of global recognition. is there a nobel prize for that sort of thing?
this is an excellent rectangle