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AChicago. We need a prediction thread I think?
Jeff is an c*nt. 3 games without a win. #blameJeff

Re: Mundane Moments

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AChicago. We need a prediction thread I think?
I thought form was two days before a game? So tomorrow. As an aside, anyone got a spare ticket for Sunday please? Don’t fancy paying £30 to watch Luton!


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It is indeed tomorrow as the game is on Sunday.  Don’t worry chaps I am aware. 

Did shady mention something about wolf bagging?   I really shouldn’t jump in and out of threads throughout the day.

Chicago: Still on track.
If running is bad for your knees try hanging out with Russ and Tricky for a night.

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My favourite white supremacist on the local Parish Council has reared his ugly head again. I confess that I've been so busy with the election and work stuff that I'd taken my eye off the ball with regards to this individual. It is my intention to shut him down and ostracise him from any local platform that gives him an opportunity to voice his toxic opinions.

Anyway, the local council declared a climate emergency last year (nothing more than a cynical political manoeuvre by the Tory led council) and has invited councillors in the borough to attend a presentation and feedback event.

The clerk sent an email to all Parish Councillors asking if they would like to attend, and this is what WS responded with:

Apparently this is Media only and public/parish Councillors cannot attend.

Funny how they want to brief the media before the public and Parish representatives.

Could it be because I had called in to question why WBC had declared a climate emergency, gave them numerous reasons why the climate is NOT in a crisis plus stated that John  Halsall has already stated that it was only the council that was going carbon neutral NOT the whole borough and that there was NO budget for this initiative! Now suddenly they are spending £24million of our money which they don’t have on things that aren’t needed!

Would welcome your thoughts on this

Obviously I replied to all giving him my thoughts that he's a conspiracy theory nutter and that he shouldn't be using the Parish Council as a platform to broadcast his far-right views. So, hand grenade lobbed, and awaiting collateral damage.

Next step is to set up some meetings with other people in the area to shut him out of public life. I take a certain sense of enjoyment from the political manoeuvreing required to shut down such a nasty individual. It's fun.

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I currently have football, cricket, and snooker, on my computer.

Three screens is looking like not enough.
I'm a fcuking idiot. Clearly.

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Just polished off half a honeydew melon which had been in the fridge a while and needed to be eaten.

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I've just had porridge for breakfast. Old skool. It's cold.
I'm a fcuking idiot. Clearly.

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Two jammy dodgers for breakfast. And a pint of Hood.

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The session IPA made the porridge tasty.
I'm a fcuking idiot. Clearly.

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Just used my triple points captain option in fantasy football as Salah has two games this week.

You betting types would do well to put a bet on him not scoring or assisting against either Wolves or West Ham.

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Wish I'd thought of that.


Thanks, although went for TAA.
I'm a fcuking idiot. Clearly.

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The modern obsession with bullying is confusing me a little -, see also Team Sky etc, some jobs it goes with the territory.
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