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RCing About

After 4 rounds Capitalism Racing & Power's lead driver Mingo has a healthy 16.5 point lead of the 5 car field with 2 rounds left to run. An initially tough meeting on home turf was besieged by reliability problems but since then the car has gone on to win the following 3 meetings, including an almost total domination on the return to his home track, a clean sweep of 7 wins was only derailed due to excessive consumption of strong lager. With the help of cutting edge technology imported via eBay from Wuhan province refinements to the handling and power increases the team may wrap up the title with 1 round to spare.
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Re: RCing About

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6 out of 7 for Mingo last night with a 2nd place in the other race means he can not be caught in the championship standings. The final round of the year, the 1hr Enduro Classic runs next Wednesday at 8pm with a maximum field of 4 due to new social distancing laws.
It's bacterial. It's a virus. It's Russian.