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Oh I'm not questioning Razorlight being actual musicians, or that they could play actual instruments.  It's just they played unremarkable, by the numbers, generic horsesh!t that frankly anyone with a modicum of musical talent could churn out at a canter, and yet somehow seemed to think they were earth shatteringly ground breaking demi-gods of brilliance. You can (well, could, PRE-COVID) find better, and with more originality and without the the bellendedness at any half decent local band night or small gig  venue or whatever of a Saturday night in most towns / cities.

Maximo Park  have something different about them. In a good way. They don't just go through the motionss, are fantastic live, and shouldn't be in in the same post as Razorf*ckingsh!te.

This post was going so well until what will enternally be known as "The Maximo Park misjudgement"

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I like Maximo Park and also thought Forest played ok. Someone here is wrong today and isn't me, motherf*ckers.


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Today's random background music while working is Marillion's classic Misplaced Childhood. Not sure where the inspiration for that came from, but it's still good.
They don't think it be like it is, but it do