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Re: Karanka Korkers v Reading Royals

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I Got to see the I follow replay.  Although I think I have heat stroke from playing 2 and half hours in blazing sunshine which should be illegal.  The commentary feature is bloody inaudible half the time.  Just crank up radio Nottingham and lower the crowd sound.  It's not fcuking difficult.  Anyway, I thought Lolley was better today but the three outstanding players were Fox, Grabban and Osborn. 

Grabban was scaring the bejeezus out of their albino defender and Fox was mega solid.  I thought Ozzy pushed forward well and laid on two lovely passes for Dias and Grabs.  He also tackled like his life depended on it (as did Figgy).

Gueddy being the man god that he is was definitely tired at the end of the game and needs to rest Tuesday which I think he will.

We deserved to win as the ladies were pretty toothless up front. 

Not perfect and nowhere near as good a performance as against WBA but we won and it's a step in the right direction.

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