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Rule changes

All seem a bit sh!t to me.

The weakened team rule is bollocks. If you've got a playoff game coming up and nothing to play for, you're going to tell your players to play at half effort. Don't get tired, don't get injured, don't tackle, don't sprint. Maybe have them watch a few videos of Danny Murphy playing as inspiration. It's as likely to make things worse as it is make them better - at least if I've got a team full of kids and reserves out there they're going to work their arses off and give it their best shot to prove themselves worthy of a place in the team.
I don't like workaholics. Don't f*cking trust them. Why are they working? I don't trust busy c*nts. That's how wars start: busy f*ckers.

Re: Rule changes

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Bag of w@nk. It's almost impossible to play 'your best team' ever, for all sorts of reasons. How do you ever develop players if you only ever play 'your best team', for example.

If the leagues want to maintain the integrity of the competition, they'd be better placed addressing the funding inequalities.