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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Moments
Last post by tricky -
It's racist of you to suggest that he's a terrorist, hell bent on murdering you. You're pretty low hanging fruit, and it's not how people in the embroidery supply industry tend to work.

Still, you might want to pat him down for a vest, just to be on the safe side.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Moments
Last post by Ingo -
I'm still a bit quite on here but thought you might appreciate this one:

There is currently a chap on the final leg of his journey from Lahore to Bingham (I believe he is off to see over customers as well) to meet me. His English whilst much better than my command of his native tongue is pretty broken in email so not sure how conversation will go. His firm do all our logo set up work for us. I've always liked to engage him in a bit of chat and he comes across generally as a nice chap but has on 4 separate occasions tried to convert me to Islam and once questioned if I am happy only having 2 daughters, do I not need a son to feel complete.

Nobody tell Rich B. If you don't hear from me again thank you for your entertainment over the last 20 odd years, I think every single last one of you is a knobhead, with the exceptions of Loaf who is an utter c*nt, Chicago who is beyond help and lessred who would be alright if had a bath/shower more often.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NFFC news thread
Last post by tricky -
Tyler walker named in the PFA League Two Team of the Year. Which is set up as 4-3-3. Someone should tell them that we can only play 4-4-2 in this country (itch). How times have changed!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Last post by Lessred -
The hope is that the Tories split and the moderates can come to the centre ground along with the LD and the Anti Brexit party (whatever they are called) and some of the centrist Labour party members.

Alternatively I hope that the current mess in parliament and the disdain for MP's translates into a more widespread call for electoral reform.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Last post by tricky -
There is no credible home for someone politically middle ground. A bit of free market, but with regulation. An investment in infrastructure and services, but without expansionism, waste, and profligacy. A modern cooperative trade block based economy to retain power and influence in the world.

Doesn't exist. Apart from with the liberals social democrats liberal democrats (or whatever label they are currently hiding under to invite us to spoil our ballot papers).

The mainstream, outward looking, modern, moderate, path is not open as an electoral choice. How have we got to that?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Last post by noodlé -
I just want to clarify that my comment about a jumbled post was directed at me, not you or your thinking.

I’m reasonably on board with your commentary on the failings of Blairism. Even where I’m more open to the objectives, I think you’re spot in re. sh!tty execution. I differ in that I don’t see anyone credible putting forward something dramatically different, nor a public rump looking to vote for them. Corbyn’s Labour is a bit different.. but it ain’t the revolution, is it?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Music thread
Last post by tricky -
Having a favourite doesn't preclude you from having many others you like as much. It's a shorthand when in discussion and in identifying one album rather than being a dithering bed wetting indicisive.

For me it's a combination of history, circumstance (my first solo gig, and first backstage), and a bloody good album that stimulates memories and meaning with every track. There are objectively better albums and songs. There are things I listen to more on the cycle of mood and preference. There are albums that have had (much) more traction when introducing other people to them. It didn't capture the zeitgeist. It's not particularly highbrow.

It's just the one that I'm most comfortable with. My slippers.

I tend to, in discussion, say 'it's a top ten album' which to me means it's a significant and undoubtedly class album. I have said this about many more then ten albums. I tend to say 'it's one of my top three album's' of only three. These are not necessarily the objectively best albums. There are artists and albums I even like musically more (Otis did great songs, but not particularly great albums) - album theme and construction didn't really start until the era of pepper and pet sounds, and wasn't so much of a thing (people could less afford music consumption so it was predominantly radio, and singles on the dansette).

I cannot explain to you why I haven't got transformer in there, which I love in every way. I cannot explain the absence of a Billy Bragg album, who probably got me laid more than any other musician. There is no Beatles. No velvets. No Dandy's. If I tell you my top three you would think me a moron.

A lot of the attachment to music is capturing and remembering the time. My favourites, and particularly my ultimate favourite, are as much safe warm calm place, as music.