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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NAS or HDD ?
Mine was this chap:

I know nothing of the Pi but I believe the media server on the NAS is important in whether it can be seen by the intermediary. e.g. a Plex client running on the roku couldn't see my NAS but something called roxbox on the roku could. It's all gibberish to be honest.

p.s. In reply to noodle it is all done over the wireless network so I can see my NAS from the tablet and laptop as well as the roku
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NAS or HDD ?
I am no techy but have a 2gb NAS from Xyel.

It *can* work fine through the TV, but be aware that different tvs accept different file formats. I run mine to the tv via a roku box but still had to convert the video files to mp4 format before it would see them. No issues with lag or anything. mp3 and photos work fine.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Journeys
Here's a little story to enrage Russ. Due to ineptitude I failed to check in online for our first flight with our 2 year old. When we got to the desk there were no two seats together on the plane so they bumped some people who had already checked in out of their allocated seating so we could sit together.

Felt slightly bad when I saw they had given us the exit row and turfed some suckers out to normal seats.  Then I decided f*ck them as they didn't have to read the gruffalo for three hours.