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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Moments
It's racist of you to suggest that he's a terrorist, hell bent on murdering you. You're pretty low hanging fruit, and it's not how people in the embroidery supply industry tend to work.

Still, you might want to pat him down for a vest, just to be on the safe side.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NFFC news thread
Tyler walker named in the PFA League Two Team of the Year. Which is set up as 4-3-3. Someone should tell them that we can only play 4-4-2 in this country (itch). How times have changed!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
There is no credible home for someone politically middle ground. A bit of free market, but with regulation. An investment in infrastructure and services, but without expansionism, waste, and profligacy. A modern cooperative trade block based economy to retain power and influence in the world.

Doesn't exist. Apart from with the liberals social democrats liberal democrats (or whatever label they are currently hiding under to invite us to spoil our ballot papers).

The mainstream, outward looking, modern, moderate, path is not open as an electoral choice. How have we got to that?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Music thread
Having a favourite doesn't preclude you from having many others you like as much. It's a shorthand when in discussion and in identifying one album rather than being a dithering bed wetting indicisive.

For me it's a combination of history, circumstance (my first solo gig, and first backstage), and a bloody good album that stimulates memories and meaning with every track. There are objectively better albums and songs. There are things I listen to more on the cycle of mood and preference. There are albums that have had (much) more traction when introducing other people to them. It didn't capture the zeitgeist. It's not particularly highbrow.

It's just the one that I'm most comfortable with. My slippers.

I tend to, in discussion, say 'it's a top ten album' which to me means it's a significant and undoubtedly class album. I have said this about many more then ten albums. I tend to say 'it's one of my top three album's' of only three. These are not necessarily the objectively best albums. There are artists and albums I even like musically more (Otis did great songs, but not particularly great albums) - album theme and construction didn't really start until the era of pepper and pet sounds, and wasn't so much of a thing (people could less afford music consumption so it was predominantly radio, and singles on the dansette).

I cannot explain to you why I haven't got transformer in there, which I love in every way. I cannot explain the absence of a Billy Bragg album, who probably got me laid more than any other musician. There is no Beatles. No velvets. No Dandy's. If I tell you my top three you would think me a moron.

A lot of the attachment to music is capturing and remembering the time. My favourites, and particularly my ultimate favourite, are as much safe warm calm place, as music.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Middlesbrough
Don't get me started on where we might be had we continued the pass and move development process, rather than segueing into the entirely pointless and vanity driven Kranky years.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Middlesbrough
I think that one thing upon which we can all agree is what a truly abysmal job Pulis has done with that team.
 On the evidence of that team performance...and looking statistically overall, particularly recently....but neither of those thing are necessarily clear indicators of actual performance/situations. Stats don't take account of missing key personnel (eg look at the difference in villa's returns before and after the resurrection of Grealish). Often a manager is credited with 'saving' a team from relegation, when it's not much more than key personal overcoming injury where they were not available to the 'under-performing' manager. It's really hard to know what factors are at play, what the injury and illness position of the squad and it's key personnel, what the vicissitudes of confidence and form, and just what having a bad day can do to teams and players.

Pulis has a track record of doing better than most.  How well he fits in with boro, I have no idea.  Nor do I know what is happening in their squad.

What I do know is that according to the table they are well ahead of us (with two games to go we can't catch them), which suggests we have a big performance gap to make up, given they are not looking good enough.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Middlesbrough
I have to apologise.  Me and the kids enjoyed yesterday's game a lot.

I think it must have been the heat, in future we will remember that enjoying watching the game being played in front of you is a ridiculous notion and we will focus on what it means for results of games in the future.
They're not necessarily mutually exclusive (enjoying what is in front of you, while having a wider context of what it is).

I could quite easily have said how much I enjoyed the day, how disappointed I was with regard to access to proper beer at the botanist, but how things definitely took a turn for the better on that front on attending the shaven. I definitely enjoyed seeing goals go in, and cheering. I chose to make some observations on the football.  My bad.

I find it interesting that any observation on the general standard, and opinion of a wider context of that, is viewed so antagonistically. People really are intolerant of hearing what they don't want to hear. I personally thought the standard, particularly up to the first goal, was not very good at all. We got better as we got more confident. If I was Tony Pulis I'd have been f*cking fuming at my lot.

It's just an opinion on the internet.  Not worth losing your sh!t over.
(generally as a summary, not addressed specifically to you)
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Middlesbrough
I get that.  Mentally unwind your mind from when we got the second goal and our tails were up.  Go back to the first half.  What did you see?

My view is that wouldn't get us promoted next year, and we would have been buried by most competetive teams.

It's a world of difference once you've got a goal, and the opposition are not trying to stop you.  I'm not sure there's as much to learn from that situation as people seem to think. I get that it was fun, after a dour dry spell. I would note caution, as I did at the start of the season to those who thought that buying a few geriatrics and carlos kick-a-balls meant it was "our year".
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Middlesbrough
... And judging it on performance terms it was one that would see us battered out of sight in the top flight... That Boro were that sh!te doesn't mean we were great.

The movement, pressing, workrate, touch, and passing, was poor. Particularly in the first half. Lot of standing around, doing f*ck all. Maybe that's what the championship is like these days. A very poor standard.

If you praise the team for that performance, because of the outcome of the game, you will encourage that level of performance. Which won't be enough.

If results are all that matters to you, and what forms your opinion, then you might just as well watch the game on Teletext and give your feedback based on that.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Middlesbrough
You really don’t like Forest do you?
I like forest just fine, thank you very much. I can assess what what I'm seeing, analyse it, and express opinions about it. Yay for me. I do not consider reality, or an expression of it, in any way a negative. I do feel sorry for people who can't get something out of things without being ridiculously brain dead happy clappy.

How do you imagine this team, that you consider to be beyond criticism, hasn't found itself in the European cup semi finals, but rather appears to be in the mediocre middle of the second tier with nothing to play for?

Could it be that some things are not actually perfect? Perhaps we've just been unlucky?