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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Cannot post on phone
I am worried that Ingo is missing me because I cannot post on my new phone.  Keeps saying I have been logged out, or session expired, or something.

This came up before but I can't find the answer... there is an app I think?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Assombalonga injury update
This picture above shows Emelia Pierrepont getting a picture of herself with Assombalonga still in his kit with a brace around his knee, but still able to smile while sat up in a chair with his leg raised while waiting to be seen.

Emelia asked him how bad his knee was and he is understood to have told her it was dislocated but that he was ‘alright’ and it wasn’t 'too bad’.

Emelia says it's not too bad. Phew!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Techie power supply question

I have a film negative scanner which used to be powered via an HP scanner which I no longer own. Is it possible to run just the negative lightbox part straight from the mains via a power supply unit of some kind?

It has a ps/2 style connector (images and needs 12V---575mA. 

EDIT: spaz hands typing fixed
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Savile et al
I don't think anyone resurrected the Jimmy Savile thread?

Anyway, Rolf's finally out there as a suspected wrong 'un. I hope this one is false personally.