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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Under Attack from Vlad's mates!
Looks like the talkback server, and some of the hosted sites on it are currently under a denial of service attack, and a brute force hacking attempt....from russian bots.

Might be a bit in and out while I try to sort it.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Happy New Year.... one and all,. But mainly to Kranky.  Only another week to be in the Forest hot seat for a whole year.

That would be something.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / It has to stop (part two)!
Talkback has a long proud history of calling people cockwombles or f*ckwitted, or the like, when occasion demands. It's efficient communication after all.

People are going to have to stop troweling unattributed excrement onto this site, that is neither factually sustainable, nor socially acceptable. It can't be left unchallenged, because this hole in the internet has always worked on peer review, argument, and people making their own minds up.

If you shovel bigoted moronic sh!te, and keep digging whatever the facts presented in opposition to you, then you will be called a bellend or a cretin, until you actually address the argument.

I absolutely will not fund a site that is a platform for racism, bigotry, and civic terrorism unchallenged. So you'd better get over it you snowflakes, or we can all agree to shut it down and move on with our future impoverished lives.
Ingo's 'ave it. / Test drivel.
Like you can't make it without my help.


by the way, can anyone see this, or reply to it....or indeed start a new post in this category?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Potential New Home - if you want to preserve your username.....
Your profile needs to show your (or a valid) email address, if you want to come with us (me).

If my current thinking is to be carried through, I'm going to be looking at a possible new platform..rather than the old traditional LAMP stack...and I'm pretty keen to get away from php based traditional web-sites, and more towards modern web-apps.  It is getting increasingly difficult to get the security and update profile from what is now very old tech...and there is a worry that we end up in a cuil-de-sack with limited options to reverse out.

Plus the current server that this is hosted on is on a monthly renewal, and I don't want it for any longer than necessary.

This sort of thing (in fact exactly that) is my current plan.  Comments invited.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Talkback, who gives a f*ck?
I've got some dicking around to move the forum away from it's current vps hosting which will die at the start of next month. I need to pay a bit of money to move domain names, buy some more hosting, and muck about moving it.

From your perspective, should I bother?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / ....what is he doing?
In the light of Bengate

Law 13: is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves except for a free kick to the defending team in their penalty area where the ball is in play when it is kicked directly out of the penalty area
Note all interpretations of the laws are:
in the opinion of the referee.
we need a rules topic.

Just to get you revved up, let's consider an imaginary scenario.

Baldilocks gets fouled by the boards, while he's writhing around with a broken fingernail smithy in one fluid motion puts his hand on the ball, kicks it into Baldy's back with the intention of using him as a return pass. Baldilocks grabs hold of the ball, and swears.

What is the decision you give?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / People get ready, there's a change a coming...
I'm sick of this forum software, so to celebrate new ownership of the club I'm looking at a new incarnation of the board.

I'm currently working on this, and hoping that I will be able to take all the current member information and posts to the new board.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO is make sure that your email address is one that you have access to, if you want information and to to be able to access the new board under your existing member name.

I've currently run into a problem transferring the board, so the timescale is undefined. It may be soon.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / City Ground: The not very big game, but it's massive for us....
So, Monday 8th (tomorrow!), we've hired the City Ground for a one off game.

I shall be managing 'reds', against 'golds'...and may have a run out later on in the game.

It's a 6pm kick off, and spectators entry is free. It will not be the most edifying spectacle, but might be amusing to see how a big pitch defeats a bunch of old-slow-neverhasbeens. You can also give me dogs abuse from behind the dugout, and say hello after, if you want.

I'm not saying it will be a dream day out, but I'm mentioning it because some of you might fancy the chance to potter around the city ground on a non-match day, and take the chance to say hello if you've not met me before.

We will be playing on a championship pitch.  Getthef*ckin.