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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: World Cup 2019
Can I suggest you weren't annoyed because you don't really care if the wimmin win or lose?

When Robbie Savage span his scarf around at the city ground a few years back - that was annoying - surely the same thing?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Talkback C*nt Pile
If you've seen the movie Cocoon then you'll know that Alan Sugar (c*nt lord to you) kept Katie Hopkins in a cocoon in the back of his Austin Allegro when he used to sell tooth fillings, mined from dead children's teeth, to back street dentists in Hackney in the 1980s.

Whenever a dark market dentist got too close to Hopkin's cocoon, Sugar used to make like a cat, and hiss at them, pawing manically at their face.

I've not seen the movie Cocoon, but in true Talkback tradition I'm going to assume I'm correct about the movie and therefore push both Hopkins and Sugar onto the c*nt pile.

This is a very strange post, but can't argue with the conclusions.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Gardeners' World
Sweetpeas are about 2 inches tall now, at what stage do I need to invest in some sticks? The beans planted in pots seem to have made a good start so they have been planted out this week. Mixed results with the sunflowers but we seem to have about 10-12 good plants on the go. No movement from the buddleia. This week Ingo Jr Sr has put in some more seeds thanks to the good people at Mr Men marketing dept. Daisy's, pumpkins (my hopes aren't great on this one) and also some beginning with N. The lawn is splendid and bolted following it's first cut, I want to cut it again tonight and then next Thursday so hopefully it is in ideal condition for my Le Mans BBQ next weekend. I'll be back same time next week with another riveting instalment.

2 inches eh? Mine are three foot tall and have been flowering for a month.  The trick is to sow them the autumn before. Once more Loafe shows his superiority to the Ingo. Any subject, any time. Boom.