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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Middlesbrough
Dark forces of anti football will be at work.  My neck may hurt.  Luckily I am still in Japan and am munching nice food.  No need for a VPN I-follow works fine.

Nikita Airport lounge watching the game?  I could but should I?

I suppose I could bet on how long the ball doesn’t touch the ground.

Ho hum. 

We lose 1-0.   Do we have a left back who can withstand the hoof?  Will Bridcutt turn up from under the patio?  Does anybody care?  Brexit !!!!

Chicago: Fearing the worst.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Travel Thread
Japan has been great so far.  Very active.  Go-karting through the streets of Tokyo was bonkers and ace.  Sumo of course was much more entertaining than it should be.  Fantastic food.  Crazy virtual reality art exhibitions.  Cherry Blossoms.  Bamboo forests.  Booze.  Tofu cooking classes.  Good company.  Amazing infrastructure.  Non angry wife and polite lovely xenophobic people.  It’s currently a win win!  Not even missing the football.

Will be very broke though.

Chicago:  Hai!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
Liverpool are horrible.  Their fans are worse.  Honestly anyone wanted them to win can and should fcuk off.

Die Scouse scum die! 

I don’t care if you like Klopp.  I like Klopp.  Liverpo don’t deserve him.  They lose, the fans will attack his house and quite rightly he will leave for safer and more human climes.

Anyone who you think is lovely and supports Liverpo does not compute.  They obviously have bound and gagged children in the basement and they go down there at night to complain to said tortured children about their victim lives.

Cnut off the lot of them.  Pep forever!  Scouse should never win anything.  I remember Hillsborough and I certainly remember that c*nt rubbing Brian Law’s head.  I hope they all die slowly of Leprosy!!!

Chicago:  Scouse phobic. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's annoying me today
Tricky will have no sympathy as he doesn’t do anything resembling social media but I do have Facebook messenger to keep in touch with my family whilst traveling.  Why oh why do people think it is alright to tell me Fcuking football scores!!!!!! You utter fcuking Bellends!  Specifically when I tell people not to!

What the fcukity fcuk!!!!

Chicago: Quite miffed!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: It's the Rotherham.
Well I heard about Gueddy and Robinson too.  It’s all unsubstantiated of course.  Of course if the ball is sailing over the head of said midfielder who likes to oh I dunno bring it down, pass to feet and move this could be rather frustrating.  I see Watson is playing?  What is his role other than to disrupt play badly...

Gueddy, Carvalho and to a lesser extent when he plays in his natural position Yacob all played to feet and looked to bring the ball forward.  Unfortunately the Argentine is not a centre back and that’s where he found himself and it got him dropped for giving away a rubbish penalty.

Pele has some ability.  He isn’t playing as much now either.

We are set up to not lose which is precisely what we do because we are not taking the game to the opposition. 

Yates got his debut because he’s a big unit and I like him.   Appiah (who by all accounts and purposes has far more talent had to wait and then played against the cloggers by playing clogger football).

Keane and MON played for Cloughy.  They know what it’s like to win with a certain style under him.  Also villa’s football under Martin was actually pretty decent for a while.  Is it the mandate from above?  You
Must get promotion now?  So therefore the quickest route is a Warnock style of bludgeoning football?  This is unsustainable and frankly quite sh!t.  The management team should have a word with themselves and ignore the screams from above and work on a brand of football which apparently has been working well in the yoof ranks.

Next year we may fluke it with more giants but it will be horrible to watch.  Gueddy (still my man crush) and Carvalho won’t be here probably.  It’s frankly rather depressing.

Chicago:  Getting a check up from the neck up.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: It's the Rotherham.
Two ears, two eyes, one mouth. Use them in those proportions.

I wrote what I wrote before you posted about Weds and Rotherington so what I said was in context at the time.

 Also a question mark was attached to my question and did I also mention that I was in the space time continuum at work?  It’s like being in Rotherham where time stands still but things happen you just don’t know it until later.

Sometimes people write things and then post later due to stuff.  Or something liemke Trentend spat me out again after pressing add to the conversation.

So this is a long winded way of saying Nah Nah Nah Nah.

Yorkshire team lover!

Chicago: Skipping the event horizon.