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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Smells Fishy
Last post by Russ -
I think the obvious answer is to keep the toddler in the aquarium. Maybe put a little plastic castle and an old time diving suit in there to keep her interested, and add some colourful gravel in the bottom to make it look nice. Probably best not to put water in though.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Smells Fishy
Last post by Prof. Ingo -
Following an unfortunate incident in Pets at Home caused by some very prominent Peppa Pig branding and shelf stacking designed with the pig-centric toddler in mind I am now the main stakeholder in 25 quids worth of aquarium (aquary-arium to those ITK). Cosmic. Anybody on here keep tropical fish? What's the path of least resistance/expense here? We'd get away with plastic fish for a bit but would still have to buy food to 'feed' them with so might as well do it properly.