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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Plague, 2020
Last post by karlmark -
I saw one article that said over 50s have just over 30% survival rates after going on a ventilator. That's scary. The problem as I see it is they have no idea how to treat this illness and as such a trip to a ventilator is nothing more than palliative care.

You need to be careful about reading too much into individual stats @donnyred. I know it's a worrying figure, but you have to allow for why people end up on ventilators, their co-morbidities, and lots of other variables.

Yes, it's a horrific and scary illness, but all we can do is treat the symptoms and hope the immune system is strong enough to prevent serious consequences.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's amusing me today
Last post by Seven -
* picks on Lolley with a screenshot she knows will get a reaction
* gets a reaction
* moans she doesn’t love Lolley anymore and people are vile
* announces break from Twitter
* comes back on around 12 hours later saying she’s entitled to her opinion and still bemoaning people are vile.

f*ck off Imogen.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's amusing me today
Last post by tricky -

It's almost like ideas, debate, and change,  have been completely discredited. All that's tolerated is orthodoxy and herd behaviour.

No wonder our so called 'leaders' were too afraid to lead, and have preferred to not mention things, and kill people instead. 

How British is that? 

I'm with the lolley, apart from on the repeatedly cutting inside and nailing a left foot shot into the nearest defender.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Here is the news
Last post by Simon. Not Steve or Nazimon -
There are some real f*cking idiots around. This whole 5G thing is just mental. Are people so f*cking thick they think that a virus can be caused by a f*cking telecoms frequency?

The virus is made up to cover for the symptoms caused by 5G. Obviously. Not entirely sure how that works in areas/countries that don't have 5G (like Iran, one of the early hotspots).