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This is the original match thread.  We will win and Graham can spin.

Wish I wasn't working though.  I can't pull a sicky because I won't get paid.  It should be on Bein sport but they are showing huddersfield and Blackpool.  What a bloody joke!

Chicago: Getting things back in order
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: FOREST v d*rby

you fcuking cnut, there is already a match thread.  TWO MATCH THREADS EQUAL CERTAIN DEATH.  TRICKY WILL HAVE YOU!


Chicago: Not altogether serious
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread

The trinity season which everyone bangs on about was entirely predictable.  At that point Dexter lost me especially as he became superhuman and everyone else was completely stupid.

Season 1 through 3 were by far the best.

Anyway movies - Underworld is terrible but god Kate Beckinsale is super fit.

Chicago: Stating the obvious

Davies v's Clough.  Two lovely like-able men.  Both with teams that hate each other.  Nigel will no doubt set his team to kick the living bells out of the Forest Players and someone will get sent off.  Will Wilson be back in the team to be kicked to bits.  Will Cohen buckle at the sign of nasty flying studs?  Will Dexter be given the chance to run around with the flag lofted over his shoulders?

Will it be an entertaining game?  It's on television (sort of) but not on Bein sport over here.  FCUKING CNUTS!

Graham and Tricky will be trading barbs up until the weekend and then will sit hand in hand together watching the Billies boys run, run run d*rby into the ground.  Or not....

Forest will score.  d*rby may too.   I say 2-0 to the nastier manager (and he is the one who is the little troll from Glasgow).  Cox and Henderson.


The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread

Why?   I've seen how it ends.....  If you make it past season three stop.  The rest is absolute rubbish.  Maybe that is your point you been all sarcastic and all....

Chicago; Not in the telly thread
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread

It's been a rather rough month so I figured that over the weekend we would go back to the classics.  Motorcycle diaries and Point Break were the order of the day.  Point Break has the worst dialogue ever and I fcuking love how badly brilliant it is.  The film is 22 years old.  I remember it from yesterday.  I think I am scared.  (scarred too).

When I have more time to rub together then I will go watch some stuff at the cinema.

Chicago: Bathing in Nostalgia
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Chabba Dabba ding Dong for Saturday

Believe it or not, Donny are a bit of a bogey side for us and it's at their gaff.  Could be sticky but we seem to have a midfielder who plays where he is supposed to play now.  Wilson is Iffy so I reckon Halford will be back there.  Is Jara now officially under the patio? 

Speaking of Pato (geddit!), I would love him to start and have Djamel on the other wing and give Reid a bit of a rest (unless he takes magik's place).   Moussi i am afraid looks like he's had it which is a shame but c'est la vie.  Would love a win but sense a draw.  1-1.

Chicago: singing a new song
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Lower caps lock love for the Boro game

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt  Leroy. Don't see any links to the game.  Are we not on television?  Are Al Jazeera tired of us already? 

It's all a little distressing because I could watch most of the game.  Booo!

Chicago: A bit miffed
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Things you've never done that everyone else has

What sort of world do you live in where you think everyone else has owned or driven an Aston Martin?

Well if it's confined to the world of talkback then yes I may have been slightly askew.  My clients on the other hand drive those things and won't let me take them for a test drive (cheap fcukers - smart really...)  But I do see your point.

Next time I will actually attempt to read the thread title instead of popping on here randomly for 30 seconds and just posting what ever pops into my noggin' with invariably leads to donkey points.

Chicago: A.D.D.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Things you've never done that everyone else has

i haven't slept with a Black woman.  never cheated on my wife (although I do have a very funny story coming up when I have the time).  Never owned or driven an Aston martin or mcClaren (but I would like to).  Never been to New Zealand or ireland , or shagged a sheep.

Never fcuked a mother.  Haven't seen jesus.  Never done drugs.  Never had short hair (being a baby doesn't count).

Never done anything that I didn't want to.

Chicago: Bit of a boring fart really
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Lower caps lock love for the Boro game

I blame Graham but since the lazy sod didn't start a thread I guess i have to do it myself.  1-1.   Cox for us, Moussi makes a cock up for his replacement leadbetter to feed that adomah block to equalize.  A turgid game follows with nary a thought of entertainment until Pato and Djamel are thrown on in desperation to feed the monster than is Hendo.

unluckily Boro hang on and we hope for nathaniel Chalobah to turn up sometime before 2014.

Chicago: Going for the softly softly approach