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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Nottingham Forest F.C. versus Stoke City F.C.
Well in fairness, he was suicidal last night and is feeling a bit better this morning. I could have
(a) indulged his self indulgent cry for help (“you ok, hun? thoughts and prayers etc”), or
(b) shown some tough love to snap him out of it.

Dr Guru....feeling vindicated.

This is predicated on the assumption that I actually listen to you.  Your art work is fine but where you hang them has a lot to be desired if you know what I mean.  I think Sabri is toast unfortunately but having seen the last three games what would you expect from Maranikas? 

I hope I am wrong but we really need a style and an attacking presence and will Sabri manage that in just three weeks?  Doubtful.

Anyway, I am still cross (I lied about not being so), but I knew that the playoffs would have been more fun than you think.  Next season not so much unless we have some attacking options.  Setting up a team not to lose is recipe for disaster.  The positives are always going to win in this division unless your name is Colin.

Norwich and Bournemouth If they manage to keep their players will piss it.  Brentford May sh!t the bed if they don’t go up this season but their progression is what I would like to see.. how’s their director of football?  Do we have one?

Anyway Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah.

I hate football....

Chicago: Martyr.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Nottingham Forest F.C. versus Stoke City F.C.
This was the sh!thousing season.  This was the chance.  We spectacularly fcuked up again.  I am not even angry.  This is so us.  Being a generally positive person I figured...hmmm limp into the playoffs watch as the other earnest teams try to break us down and we manage to get up to get a massive pay day and watch in horror when real football teams give us a good kicking but we still beat 12 points.

There was an air of inevitability about this after the Worrall d*rby tw@t move.  We would have cruised if we had just won the d*rby game.  But no we have to sh!t the bed like always.  This though makes all the others seem tame in comparision,  Dreadful. 

Where does this team go from here?  Well if Wigan get relegated can we nick their manager and their left back? Unless Sabri is a genius it's going to take a mountain to motivate this lot into a better team.  Ribeiro today was a disaster.  I thought he played in the Champions League?  Did he get binned for having the spine of a jelly fish? 

Only Matty Cash can hold his head up.  (also I thought Ameobi was decent too). He was playing injured and was still the best player.  Also Lolley needs a long rest so we better find two f*cking wingers who have a brain.  

Do we start when?  Middle of August? 

Oh dear...

Chicago: Resigned to mediocrity. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Nottingham Forest F.C. versus Stoke City F.C.
Remember when people told me I shouldn’t be mad at Joe worrall for being a stupid Fcuking cnut.  Well there you have it.  Win that game and we would have been in.

Utter utter sh!t.  Also shady your thread was horrendous.

Fcuk you all. f*ck Forest.  Fcuk Football.  That was the worst thing u have ever seen in the last three games (excusing Megson).

SABRI OUT!!!!!!!

Chicago: Utterly despondent!
They're still the same players, we didn't suddenly replace half the squad.

Also, I don't think it's any coincidence that our worst performance since the lowckdown, and probably our worst performance since the first half against Millwall, comes on a Chicago match thread.

It’s all part of the plan.  And Fcuk you too!

Chicago: Doing then sh!thouse thing.