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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Fleetwood. The Wembley Trail starts here
There ya go. Nice and simple.

Stunning 2-0 win to someone.

Errr this is Forest.  We don't do simple.  I would have gone the Samba route but Tricky beat me to it.  It will be a cosmopolitan comedy of errors but somehow we will romp to a victory based on the back of someone's arse getting in the way of our one shot on target.

Chicago: Doing the Samba too!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread
Okay.  Saturdays after work are Margarita and movie nights.  Obviously booze and brain cells don’t mix too well but we did see some mindless rubbish.  I feel pretty starring Amy Schumer is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.  There are some very funny moments so it passed the time.

A simple Favour starring Anna Kendrick and Blake lively.  It cannot decide if it’s a thriller or a comedy.  It never quite decided what to do with the tone but holy sh!t Blake lively is a sexy woman.  That made for a good night!!!

Chicago: Living In fantasy land.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Leeds v. Forest
I also think you're underplaying the opposition saying Leeds didn't impress you that much. I think you have been watching too much premiership sh!t. Leeds and West Brom with be in the top three this season no doubt so you're comparing us with already established top of the table sides and saying we aren't good enough, as jp says, giving no thought to the fact that the manager has had two games and half the players are new to the club.

I watch plenty of championship games.  Last year I was very impressed with Norwich and predicted that they would go up when they turned us over at the City Ground.   Nobody at the time agreed with me.  I also said that even after their red hot start that Leeds wouldn’t go up.  There is no doubt they are a better side than us at the moment and due to get better with Clarke, Costa and Neketiah added to their ranks.  I just thought that they weren’t that good against us yesterday and we were dreadful until Ameobi at least came in and provided a spark.  We were very very lucky.  My opinion is that I had not seen an improvement and Grabban was isolated.  I didn’t see us scoring and was pleasantly surprised we fluked one.  Leeds should have had a red. They were physical without being technical.  Silva was brushed off the ball very easily.  I am not looking for us to football teams to death but in order for Smoochie to keep his job we need to at least have some offensive threat.  Maybe we will be like Cardiff and just feed off set pieces.

It’s a scary world when I am agreeing with Rich B but I do. 

We shall see how the new boys fair against Fleetwood Mac.  The lack of striker options is worrying as Grabban will he feeding off scraps until Joao is back. 

I am more excited about the yoof to be fair.  Brennan Johnson, Richardson and Appiah seem to have something about them.  It’s a long season so I Hope for the best.  Wet Brom and Leeds are a big team (as in physical) as are Cardiff.  They will be up there but I suspect the footballing sides like Fulham will slowly rise to the top. 

Again conjecture, (Norwich had a slow start), but I want to see something from the team where they are not hanging on for dear life.  If our goal is promotion then we need to have some attacking threat.  By the way not a chance we go up because The Smooch won’t be given time.  Wash and reload. 

I hope I am wrong. 

Chicago: Dreamer. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Leeds v. Forest
If you are talking about points gained then it’s an improvement.  If you look at the performance it was worse.  Who’s banging on about being a football genius?  I am just typing what I saw.  You are creating a narrative that doesn’t exist other than in your mind. 

And again you missed my point because you are obviously stuck up your own arse.  I had said that the point was moot as MON had been sacked when I could see where he wanted to go and the club said fcuk that let’s keep changing until we get it right (lucky), like Watford...

It will never work because we won’t be given time which is needed.  The new players look worse than the old players based on these two games.  They might gel But maybe a coach could have worked on the ones we had unless someone of quality fell into our hands.  Quantity seems to be the order of the day.  Throw something again the wall.  See what happens.  Not really a particularly smart way to run a professional football team but hey ho it’s not as if others haven’t said the same thing.  I feel bad for Smoochie...

Now get off the grog and stop embarrassing yourself and start being nicer because I will be your neighbour soon.

Chicago: Football genius, expert, manager, Omnipotent all knowing All Star player and winner of 15 leagues. (Probably a better Barrister too..)

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Leeds v. Forest
If you read the PS you would know what I am railing against.  And if you consider that an improvement over the Wet Brom game,( apart from Muric) then I really can’t educate you.  I am not expecting the team to smash it.  Where did I write that?  Our main problem in the last game was the same with this one.  One man press.  No forward support.  Hanging on for dear life because passes were not to feet. Everyone and their sister could see after the first game that Grabban needed something or someone with him. 

Last year I could see Karanka’s plan.  Also at the end of the season I saw MON’s plan after his experimentation.
Smoothie takes training does he not?  He played the same team.  The center backs struggled but were not overwhelmed but we were slow to build and support.  Leeds don’t impress me that much.  They are solid and have some players which will improve them, Costa and Neketiah.  Who do we have that can pick us up?  Carvalho or Another no mark? 

I feel for Smoochie but this doesn’t look coherent and I didn’t enjoy the game or see a plan.  I blame the executives and the recruitment process. The manager  is toast.  This season will be long.   I am not offering solutions just saying that this will probably be a pig Fcuk and we will start again in Jan.

I hope to be wrong but I am pretty sure I am not alone in this assessment that we blew up the season before we started because our Greek bakery hater trusts his suits from Greece more than people who know this division. This is Montainer part Deux.

Of course I will continue to watch because that is what football sage’s do.  

Chicago: Hobbyist.

PS: not even one shot on target is an improvement?  You are on crack.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread

Not one pirates film is anything but sh!t.  The first one at least had prime Keira Knightly but that's about it.  The fact that anyone liked these obviously is contributing to the downfall of humanity.  I would rather suck my own eye balls out with a biro.

Mean Streets is on Netflix.  I have not seen it but I suspect that would be way more up my alley....

Chicago: Gritty. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Leeds v. Forest
Honestly we are currently dreadful.  Leeds weren't great we were just sh!t.  To say we deserved anything is an understatement.  Grabban worked his bollocks off for fcuk all.  Again, massive separation between midfield and attack.   The only thing Ferme la Bouche did correctly was put amoebi on.  He was excellent.  I agree with whomever mentioned it, Lolley looks injured.  

Sorry but with our lack of attacking prowess we are going nowhere.  I think that we could very well be struggling this season.  I blame this totally on Medesto.  His recruitment has been terrible.  Our best midfielder (okay Semedo was good in flashes) was watson.  I mean, come on!  He is very average.  

The only thing done well was Robinson's professional foul at the end. 

That wasn't a good performance and we were incoherent and unable to pass to anyone.  Also can anybody explain what Tiago Silva does?  I would put Johnson on for him.   Adomah looks broken already.

Let's hope our new recruits find some coherence in the cup against Fleetwood.  Holy sh!t do we need an athlete.  Irvin Appiah anyone?

Chicago: Flat as a pancake. 

PS.  I know the whole thing is moot now but I suspect MON knew this and pushed against Modesto's sh!t recruitment and wanted proven championship players and strong workers.  Can anyone tell me that our standard of play this season has been better?  I don't. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Leeds v. Forest
Oh I was wrong.  Same side.   Watson still wandering around the field like he owns the place.  Oh for a bit of Samba.

I am all for consistency and all but this really is a baptism of fire.  Smoochie at this rate might be a puckered goose...

Now watch us sneak a 1-0 win... My favourite player (not) Silva to score..

Chicago: Watching later. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's annoying me today
Exactly. Bag. Don't you see?

Plus, as a man constantly on holiday, your post is a tissue of thinly veiled lies.

I'd have shut this place years ago, if I'd have known you were all so louche with your key regime.

Some background. As a child, I think I looked for my father's car keys pretty much every day. Then we looked for his house keys. Then someone else lent him their house keys. Then later he would come home and immediately lose his car keys. It would be a toss up whether the borrowed keys even came back.

Do that every day for a decade or so, and then come back to me if you still think it's a matter to be treated lightly.

Now f*cking sort your key sh!t out people, before you ruin lives.

Obviously you live in the delusional world that I am not at work 6 days a week from 530am until 9pm working me nuts off.  I need my keys at all these times as I open and close the place and have multiple keys to get in and out of my condo And use my car.  As for the holidays which I deserve (what’s terrifying is that you, wifey and I were this time last year speeding up a very long road to Wigan in search of a game of football which was sorely lacking)......

Anyway....  As for when I go on my multiple holidays my wife is such a control freak she makes me keep my keys at home and only she can take hers because well...she’s a fcuking control freak).

The only time I put keys in a bag is when I am playing football.  The rest of the time (if I am in the country) the pocket is God. 

As mentioned losing my keys would be a really awful thing and I consider them number 1 of the big three.  1) keys. 2) phone.  3) wallet. 

By the way; the slow disintegration of Tricky’s sanity on this subject has been jolly good fun.  Jeremy made up mates is wrong again.

Chicago: Keyed In.