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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Short lived FA cup run 2019/20

Callum Hudson Adoi is a top top talent.  Ribeiro coming back from injury was always going to get roasted.  Also Yuri looked generally fcuking useless all game.  VAR is dogsh!t.  It totally ruins the game.  If it takes forever to check pixels on mm then just keep the decision on the field.  I suspect Carvalho would have missed the penalty (although I would have hope uncle Albert would have snatched the ball back). 

I thought Alex Mighten was excellent for us.  Very very promising.  His facial expressions of pure astonishment of how sh!t his service was was quite amusing to watch.  He did torment Tomori though and I loved that.  Yasser looks like a talent too.   Benny coming on was miles ahead of everyone when it came to defending as he was always aggressive to the ball.  Semedo played well.  Uncle Albert was way better than Carv.  Our Portogeezer was horrible.  His decisions were awful and he rushed and rushed and rushed.  He had amble opportunity to switch play in our attacks down the left and kept checking back and trying the right.  The right had chelski defenders already in place. 

The second half we were better.  Thank God we have signed young Alex to a long term contract because he has that something. 

Jordan Smith was Jordan Smith.  Lovely saves.  Terrible distribution.  We desperately need some aggressive fast wingers and I would have Robinson playing who at least would have kicked Odoi.  Yes probably would have been sent off but at least slow down chelski.  There was no press at all and we started off scared.  Johnson got praise in the commentary but I thought he was anonymous.  

Our manager did the right thing.  Playing our first team would have been suicide.  Chelsea with all their stars always would have been a huge ask.  I must admit I am a giant Hudson Odoi fan and he is only 19 years old.  Reese James for them was excellent too.  We tried to sign him in the summer (i am guessing loan) and what a coup that would have been. 

All in all not embarrassing but definitely scared.  Only Mighten, Dawson  and Albert played with some composure.  Again i liked Yasser when he came on.  We are woefully short in quality to maintain the push unless we get a few in.   I look forward to Mighten and Yasser, Dawson  and Bennylooney back in the side at some point.  Everyone else a bit meh.

Chicago:  Looking to the future. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Telly Thread

Just finished Watchmen on HBO.  What a phenomenal achievement at capturing the tone of the comic book.  It pisses on the movie and is so well threaded together you can only watch all of it to get the full picture.  It seems likely that this will be a stand alone and I am absolutely fine with it because it's the best television of the year.  I mentioned earlier that I loved the Expanse and will continue to do so but wow just wow this was well done.  If you don't have patience you won't be rewarded.  If you do then you will agree with me, (sounded a tad JP there but I am right)(where is that cnut anyway?))...

Over here Watchmen got voted the second best show of 2019.  Nah, it's number one.  You cnuts are missing out.

Chicago: Watching with amazement.  
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Short lived FA cup run 2019/20
Muric is leaving isn't he?  So Smith because Pants is under the patio. 

I suspect Ribeiro is still injured and Robinson will play with jenkinson and Dawson and Bennalooney.

Yates will play with Carvhalo and hmmm Bostock/Semedo but I would like to see Johnson.

Mighten will play on one wing and Uncle Albert on the other. 

Up front?  Is Mir still with us?  Do we have anybody else?  Only a fcuking idiot would play Grabban.

Chicago: Not responsible for this weekend. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: A HAPPY NEW YEAR OR A SOW'S EAR?
So again we weren’t very good.  Blackburn are clearly worse than Wigan which helps.  I actually wasn’t that concerned today after we scored the third.  Even when Worrall had his boo boo.  

We definitely need some aggressive wingers to take the pressure off us and help us with the counter. 

I thought our third goal was fabulous and what a wonderful cross from Sammi.  Having said that we still look lackluster at the moment.  Sow is so important for us.   I hope he stays healthy because otherwise we could be lacking when we need it.  I would draft in Colback if he is doing nothing, a rapid winger and go with a nasty forward to help Grabban. 

We are getting results and not playing well.  This could be a good sign or it could be fatigue.  Only a mentalist would play the first team against Chelski. 

And I thought Robinson was fine today but as always Brice Samba is a god!!!

MOM:  Grabban of course.

Chicago: Keeping up appearances.

PS:  I don’t need to do a FA cup thread as Rich Original tea biscuit already did one when the draw was made.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Happy New Year thread

Actually I think we should put on this thread what we think or would like to do in 2020.  Our 23rd Wedding anniversary will be on January 23rd.  Spooky!  I will be 49 in May but turn 50 in June (fcuking frightening).  I hope to go to Australia for that landmark birthday assuming it is there and for the end of the year I will be embarking on a trip to Antartica before it melts. 

Forest will be on course for promotion only for Jingo to get excited and start posting march threads.  This will be an exciting time for Forest fans as it will lead us to probably cock up the playoffs but somehow still be the most interesting season for nary a time.

I will also be monitoring my good friends in Britain because of Brexit and hoping for the best when the US election happens in November.  If it all goes pear shaped then maybe I will stay in Antartica and end up preserved like a popsicle.  I was going to say Lolley but hopefully Joe will do better than the world is currently heading. 

Anyway me old muckers, hoping for the best for all of you. 



PS.  You are all still cnuts. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Telly Thread
Knightfall is acceptable swords, guts and violence. And has the benefit of Mark Hamill as a grizzled Templar bad ass. Like a nasty Obi Wan. Also an interesting view on the madness of religious zealotry.

Yep anything that rubbishes religion is alright with me.  Count me in.

Whilst not a Netflix series The Expanse on Amazon Prime is the best thing on television ...errr streaming...err entertainment.  It is so fcuking good.  Not really any tits and fanny but thoughtful science fiction, intrigue, politics, conflict, swearing and of course the requisite violence when called for.  It's ace.  And of yeah I have the books too so there is plenty more to come.  Top notch entertainment.

Chicago: Expansive. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs

I believe the Wolves player's arm (possibly just hand) was offside.  Since you cannot score with your hand or arm for that matter then the goal should have counted.  When you are measuring millimetres it's time to turn off the lights.  They don't even show the replays on the screen at the stadium.  The whole thing is a joke.    LiverVARpool will win the league but not without help it seems.

Get rid of it.  It's sh!te.  The whole fun of football is the immediate.  Mistakes happen and with VAR the refs are just getting lazier and not doing their job anymore. 

Let's go back to what makes football exciting again (shall I make a red hat out of that?)

Chicago: Living in the now. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / A HAPPY NEW YEAR OR A SOW'S EAR?

It's quite obvious we need Samba Sow back stat.  He has a thigh bruise.  Those buggers can last or eternity.  It would be nice to go for it again sh!tburn and then rest all of the first teamers against Chelski.  I mean we are not going to win that game are we so why bother.  Give the kids a run like Mighten and Johnson.  Mir , carvalho and Bostock can play their last games for us in the cup.

In this game we have to play Lolley, Silva and Grabban.  I wouldn't mind Jenkinson come in and push Cash up field.  I would bring back Robinson for this game and possibly put Chema in the centre with either Joe or Figgy.  Chema for all his faults can really pass the ball.  In fact I like him.  I may be tempted to drop him into midfield.  Yes you heard it here first.  Watson looks likely to play and hasn't broken yet.

Luckily for us Dack won't play.  BB?  Has he even featured for the Chicken squad yet?  I think the miserable spaniard broke him at Forest. 

I say squeaky bum time again and either 1-0 or 2-1.  We need some energy and then some rest.  We look a tad broken.  Whig wham were much better than us and we need to build on getting through these challenges. 

Kick, run, kick!  

Chicago: Attritional.   

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
Wait till it saves us from relegation from the premiership after Tom Lawrence punches the ball in, in the 93rd minute. Nobody sees it, including the ref. Video referee overrules.

As I've been saying, everyone has been wanting this for years and f*cking years. It's going to take some time to get right.

To start with who in the Prem would Tom Lawrence be playing for and it was quite obvious a while ago that VAR was w@nk when our Chilean player at the time visciously punched a player in a tournament before the last World Cup and no-one did anything. 

It needs to be binned like Brexit.  How much evidence do you need to know it’s not working?

Chicago: Acting in Real time.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
No Jim we can’t.

Sheff  Poo just got robbed by VAR too.

This needs to be binned.  It’s dogsh!t.  

Chelski best Arsenal with a player who shouldn’t have been on the pitch to equalize.  Jorginho dragged back the Arsenal player already on a yellow and since he has one didn’t get a card.  Every other player who did the same thing got one.  The prem is inconsistent weak and sh!t when it comes to refs and VAR.  utterly ruining the game.

Chicago: Bored.