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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's pleasing me today
I condemn violence from anyone that costs innocent people their lives. My Great Grandad fought the British because they were evicted and starved by them and we're refused ownership of land they grew up on. The modern IRA are just thugs and gangster's. The early IRA fought for Catholics to have the right to land and jobs. I certainly don't condone using violence randomly such as bombing recklessly to make a point. That's why I have no time for the Hong Kong demonstraters who petrol bomb and loot. That's not protest but thuggery.

The pro democracy marches in Hong Kong are generally the opposite.  They demonstrators haven’t hurt anyone.  China and the H.K. government have sent in thugs to hurt the threat to Chinese power with guns and weapons.   The Chinese are cnuts and it’s not even the same situation.  It will he though if the Chinese army move in.  I wonder if made up Donny watches the news at all?   Jeff have a word!

Britain should take back the colony!!!! (Joke...)

Chicago: Getting dragged in.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Short lived FA cup run 2019/20
When was the last time we beat Chelski?

I am not sure Super Smooch is going to derail our season by putting out a full strength team when the league has to be a priority.  Would be nice if we kept it reasonable though.

Chicago: Shades of 59?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's pleasing me today
His personal experience - from his posts is extremely emotional and if what he wrote is true - not disbelieving him as such, then he has a genuine beef against the British Army. All I asked is if he condemned the IRA as well

I am British (I don’t consider myself just English which I am) but it doesn’t mean I am proud of some of their (The British army), behaviour in Northern Ireland.  My late step father was a soldier there and his hatred for the IRA and his mistrust of the locals set him up with some personal confrontations that had unforeseen consequences.  Obviously in latter life he regretted it but never really got into why he was shot only that it wasn’t a military operation.

Markus is against all violence.  It’s pretty obvious from his post.  He just understands that in war no-one is the good guy and his family were caught in it and he wanted it to end. 

There is a book that he recommended (I think it was him), called “Say nothing”.  I highly suggest you read it. 

There is no black and white in this world.  Anyone who perpetrates violence for a cause where innocents are injured or killed should be condemned.  

Although I find it amusing that nowadays (unless he moved) he lives in Glasgow which is known for it’s aggro... The anarchist! 

Chicago: Walking between shades.

PS: I am not sure this thread is pleasing me though..

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread
Plenty of films on the plane.

The two that stand out are Booksmart and the Art of self defence.  Both are clever comedies (is the latter a comedy?).    Jessie Eisenberg is the kind of bloke who you know would be annoying in real life but the roles he picks in films are very well chosen.  Anyway, the Art of Self defence had me roaring with laughter because it is so wrong.    Booksmart is very funny because it doesn’t try to be a female Superbad.  It’s better written than that..

Both of the above have lots of beans on Toast with creamy butter and cheddar..   (Or w@nky dinosaurs if you so choose).

Spider man far from home is charming and fun and passes the time.  Shazam.  I liked it because it was silly and pushy but like most DC universe films devolves into bonkers CGI conflict.   It’s better than most because it’s coherent and I like Zachary Levi because he was Chuck...

Not an altogether unpleasant experience flying...

Chicago: up in the air.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Is Shady OK?
Donny doesn’t use the word cnut.  It’s Jingo as I have been saying all along.  He’s trying to distract us from his sh!t match threads.

Chicago: Espionage expert.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: KINGS OF THE CNUTS CARDIFF!
Did teams "sh!thouse" before this season? I don't think I'd heard it before this year and suddenly it's everywhere.

Welsh c*nts.

Do you live in a bubble?  Warnock has been doing for years  and Cardiff literally sh!thoused their way out of the championship a couple of years back. As did Wet Sham under Allardyce.  Cardiff were by far the ugliest version of that style though.  Big nasty fcukers who just hoofed it up there and clobbered everyone into submission.

Cardiff could be a problem this season if they squeak into a playoff position.  Let’s hope they don’t get the chance.

Chicago: Brick sh!t house.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: KINGS OF THE CNUTS CARDIFF!
I knew this would be an ugly Neil Harris game.  I also knew cnut face Jingo would fcuk it up by trying to unsurp my brilliance.  Have you learnt your lesson yet toss face?

I thought it was a good game though.  I think we played well but just didn’t have the finished product.  Taking off Ameobi for Adomah though did look a tad desperate. 

 I think they did a Forest on us and if it had remained 0-0 at the half we would have snatched that. 

Did I mention that I hate Neil Harris?

Hopefully we welly the sh!t out of  his former team. 

Chicago: Appropriating blame.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Telly Thread
I liked the new Jack Ryan series but it was predictable which was disappointing.  The acting is good but there needed to be a bit more nuance involved.  Also since when did Jack Ryan become so Invincible?  I always liked the books because of the intrigue.  This started well but ended up a bit shooty uppy.   There are better latin American stories/series on Netflix.  Narcos, Wild District, The Mechanism.  Having said all that though it is a lavish production and is basically an 8 hour film. 

It maybe the marquee attraction on  Amazon Prime but Jack Ryan pales to some of them.  For example I am really looking forward to season 4 of The Expanse which is available December 10th.

Chicago: Gunning it. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NFFC news thread

Raddy will be delighted he has a new international team mate.

Cash has been excellent this season.  Wonder how much we can get for JP's  fan favourite Karl Jenkinson?

Chicago: Looking forward not back. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The TalkBack Climate Debate
I am an awful hypocrite because I have seen this coming for a while (I have friends who are environmental scientists and they have been banging on about this for longer than I remember) and whilst switching our bills to renewable energy programs and having bamboo paper products I still own a gas guzzler Audi (which I do love) (I will get an electric car if I can ever afford one) and wish to see the world before it dies.  I have always wanted to visit Antarctica and Australia and to do that I have to contribute to the carbon footprint but I am going to anyway.

It’s very very sad that we have fcuked the world and will
Continue to do so but we have been lucky to live in the age where it probably couldn’t be any better for us personally.  The future generations not so much...   We don’t have children so there is that but know I still feel sad about it..

Chicago: Contributing to the downfall.