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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Fleetwood. The Wembley Trail starts here

Smoochie before the game was talking about what all of us who are sober on here have been mentioning since game one.  The isolation of the striker.   It doesn't seem to be improving.  This is worrying especially when he said he was trying to address it.  Assuming that Lolley is healthy, (and I think Jim is right he looks off), then I would play him, or cash, or Brennan johnson or Joao (when he is healthy too) in that ten slot.  If we don't have these forward thinking midfielders then we are going to withdraw into holding midfield roles and become rather static and predictable..  How the hell are we going to win every game 50-0 if this happens?

I think this weekend's game will tell us a fair bit about this issue...  Or not.

Chicago: Inclusive. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread
f*ck yes. Richard Curtis at his best. That's not to say that Four Weddings and Notting Hill aren't also brilliant films, but Love Actually is his finest work.

Four Weddings and Notting Hill are not brilliant films but I did like Love Actually so I will give you that..

HBO is splendid for many reason because they take chances and some of their stuff is spectacular and others meh but give 'em credit you've got to be in it to win it.  As for Game of Thrones, well we have covered this enough.  It was good/great until it wasn't...

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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Forest v Fleetwood. The Wembley Trail starts here
It’s got to be a different side shurely!

Cash and Ameobi for lolley and Adomah is a good shout.

Mir for Grabban?  I mean we have no other options do we not?  I would like Richardson rather than Jenks tonight but alas that may not happen.  Like to see more Brennan Johnson too.  Although at a push we can have Appiah up front?  Maybe Appiah for Cash actually.

Fcuk it.  Time to experiment and Gueddy to kick
Barton in the face before he fcuks off to Qatar.

Chicago:  Changeling.

PS:  no stream at all of the game.  At least not on ESPN or ifollow.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NFFC news thread

Nice of Lamouchi to tell all the players out of favour with the club that he's not going to work with them.  "I made the decision a month ago".  Well you've only been at the club 3 days when you had come to that conclusion.  Did Liam Bridcutt spit in his face when he arrived?  I mean what  lovely way to treat professionals.  They must feel special. 

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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: New TV thread
Succession is back for a second season and since I haven’t finished the first season yet I better catch up.  This is based loosely on the Murdoch family and after a slow start it really does pick up steam.  The characters are so awful and craven you start to find them funny as their terrible behaviour starts to become parody. 

The board room scene over the vote of no confidence is particularly amusing.

JETT finished its first season.  It’s like Soderberg but on cracked. Fine fine stuff.  Highly recommended and top totty too.

A while ago I recommended Perpetual Grace Ltd starring Ben Kingsley.  It’s a work of genius.  It’s like the best Coen brothers film and amplified.  I haven’t seen all of it yet but it really is one of the funniest and unique shows I have ever seen.  Highly highly triceratops television.

Chicago: Finding a certain type of Grace.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread
You are indeed correct, Fury wasn't Tarantino but it was good.  Ingo loved it which means that it's big, macho and violent.  Unlike Top Gun it wasn't gay. 

Brad Pitt is excellent in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood but it's kind of a nothing film with a good ending.  It takes forever to get to the point which I think what Quentin was after.  Again, as I mentioned, if I'm hungry whilst watching the middle of the film it's probably not great.

It's interesting but more for home use only.

As for summer films?  I agree, there really isn't anything that is grabbing me by the short and curlies...

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