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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: LADIES FROM HELL!
That was a gut punch!

Also it was 7 and a half minutes into overtime when there was meant to be 5.  And we had scored at 5:24.  Why did the ref not blow for full time!?!

Very unlucky at the end but that ruined my Sunday.  Thought we had sh!thoused it.   Fcuk sticks!

We never win there mind you and that could be a season turner.   I’m a bit depressed to be honest.

Chicago: Feeling sulky.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: LADIES FROM HELL!
Carvalho not in the squad.  Lolley not on the pitch.

Hmmm.  Is Ribiero a left winger?  He’s hardly a left back.

Looks like we are looking to nullify and then strike like a Cobra.

Let the games begin.

Chicago: Conspiracy theorist.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / LADIES FROM HELL!

It's a tough one.  Reading are the form team in the division.  4 wins in a row.  We are not too far behind but have yet to be convincing.  They are being driven on by former Nottingham Forest Superstar Pele`.  (I Know because I have the shirt....)

Also we cannot ignore the history of us absolutely hating to play at their stadium.  We never fcuking win because we feel our souls being destroyed by pre-fabricated buildings (not as bad as Milton Keynes but I digress) and the terrible accents.  It may have changed but that might be because Markus moved to the sunny climes of Glasgow. 

Hopefully we are fresh and can scrape a 1-1 draw.  We will batter them in the City Ground replay just a few weeks later when we have tall January recruits because Chris (show me the money) Gunter cannot jump...

Anyway JP if he wasn't being a mardy cnut in Scotchland having a breakdown would be all over this post for being sexist.  Pity.....  I blame Brexit...

Chicago: Under Duress. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Journeys

My wife is so strange.  It is our silver plate anniversary this January.  Yes 23 fcuking years.  I would like to go for a quick trip like Big Sur In California, The Caribbean, Oaxaca southern Mexico (she for some reason would rather go in the summer when we fry but not in Jan?!?!?) Toronto, (Russ that's you and Kell), or a special Jose Andreas night at a restaurant which is a tad expensive.  She wanted to book the latter and then realized that drinks were extra.  She then decided she didn't want to that and wants to go on all these trips but not now because it's January.  Figured it would be a good time to go.  So essentially we might be tripping but probably won't because she is being weird.  Any ideas other than a girlfriend? 

Chicago: Tripping over myself. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
Ingo is actually denser that me!

I am 95kg.  All muscle of course.  I guess being an a right wing autocrat comes with a lot of chocolate! 

Nice one fatty!  I guess you are pregnant again?  This time  you are the one having the baby!

Chicago: impressed! 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window
we might miss out on Jack Clarke (I think spuds want him to stay in London so likely QPR boo!) but we may well get Nketiah which is pleasing. 

Other than that I have no idea.

This is exciting isn't it!

Chicago: Trolling the internet. 

PS.  It's sky sports reporting this so it's probably very wrong...
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
Patrick Bamford so far has been the best player on the field.  Can Leeds implode and sell him back to us?

Leeds are very good at the moment.

Hopefully they go on a long cup run and win nothing...

Chicago: In it to win it.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Short lived FA cup run 2019/20
In other news Leeds are looking scary good against the Arse.  I guess the Londoners haven’t learnt from taking a beating from us in the FA girdle cup. 

I hope those Yorkshire cnuts get really tired and burn out like the last two seasons.

Chicago: Whoosh!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Telly Thread
I watched the first two episodes of Watchmen, I don't hate it but it's very weird. I never read the comic.

Clearly The Witcher is the best show of 2019. I'll never look at a hunchback the same way again.

I have seen one episode of The Witcher...  Sure there is a lot of violence and action but there is no cohesive narrative at all.  I will watch a few episodes but violence without purpose is like watching a milwall/Cardiff game.  I couldn’t think of anything more depressing.

Watchmen is magnificent in it’s narrative arc.  All avenues are covered by the end.  Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Watchmen came second to only Fleabag which is Tricky’s favourite television experience. It has divided opinion on being brilliant or utter w@nk.  Since I haven’t seen it and Tricky is a giant weirdo I will watch with interest. 

Chicago: TV titan. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window
Apparently Eddie  Neketiah has a choice between us Sheff Eeds and Brizzel.  I think he is a talent but Bristol have been after him for ages so I am guessing he will probably go there.

Jonathan Kodja will probably stay at Villa now that Wesley is buggered for the season.  Villa and Newcastle both interested in Glenn Murray which means we are probably not getting him.

We will probably end up with a hodge lodge of Porto-geezers again. 

Hopefully one of them poor darlings can handle the cold.

Chicago: Rumour monger.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Short lived FA cup run 2019/20
The Yates goal had already been flagged offside before the VAR check.

Wouldn’t have counted in the real world.  Although we would have a penalty at 1 down which would have been super.

I like mighten.  I would have him as an impact sub so there.

Yasser looks useful too.

Looney is good to play in games like Cardiff and mewall.

As for Smith.  I like him but Brice Samba is second level better than him.  Not even close.  Samba wouldn’t probably have made a difference today but hey ho. 

We need a striker and aggressive winger Stat! I am just thankful Smoochie didn’t do a Karanka...

Chicago: Grizzled veteran.