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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Is there an ignore function?
You are all a bunch of fcuking snowflakes.  The reason I like Talkback is because people genuinely speak their kind (um mind)...(unless you live in a parallel universe like Ingo/Jeff/fake Donny/warrior).

Tricky and I and most of the tw@ts on here are pretty much the same in the real world as they are on here.  I suppose I might be more objectionable.   Actually I lie.... Russ is much nice in person..  but anyway our real selves are generally on display here and to argue otherwise is silly.

I am happy to say to your face you are a cnut or a silly sod.  The only nutter on here is JP as I have no idea what bizarre conversation I would have with him but I suspect it would be interesting.

Jose.  Speak your fcuking mind man.  I am genuinely curious to see what is leaking out of your pores right now.  Unless you are an attention seeking teenage girl who says , “your’ll never guess what happened to me last night??!!?”, and then doesn’t tell the story.

Don’t be a cnut, tell the story!!

Chicago: Paragon of Virtue. 

The mighty ring of confidence has been broken.  We are not putting teams away now.  It could be Jeff's fault (it is...) or it could be that it is colder and the Europeans are a bit wimpy in the cold.  Wednesday have a great record against us of late apart from last season I believe.  You lot should be tactical voting when you eventually see this.  I have the advantage of being 6 hours behind and can post this ON A THURSDAY(!!!!!!) ready for the big game.  Russ has stopped betting and that is a good thing as his mate (who seems alright..) was winning all the time.  Social media is for dickheads and propagandists and all that sh!t.


Obviously if this doesn't work then we are buggered and we will slip into mediocrity....

but i say we are back on the TRAIN CHOO FCUKING CHOO MUTHAFCUKAS!  2-1.


The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: HARRIS-LESS. sh!tHOUSERY!
You have to admit Jingo's fcuking with the threads has produced bugger all wins for us.  When I do it alone we at least win.

As with the threads went the match.  Absolutely horrible in the first half to go with the phony thread.  A huge turn around in the second with my masterpiece.  We also almost sh!thoused it because we were awful up until the footballers came on.  Mir couldn't get the ball because it was hoofy von hoofy.  After Grabban and Lolley and even to a small extent the super slow body gone but still has a bit of a mind Adomah came on we actually passed to feet.

We are fooked without Grabban and we are fooked with Ingo messing with the flow. 

I hope the magic hasn't gone due to a disruption in the force...

Chicago: Happy to have escaped without a sore neck. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: HARRIS-LESS. sh!tHOUSERY!
You would assume this is MIR’s last stand. If he doesn’t do something here I am guessing he will he replaced in January.  Jingo buggered up the team sheets so I hope we can pull it out of the bag.  Dawson for the headers is a good move. 

Chicago: accentuating the positives.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / HARRIS-LESS. sh!tHOUSERY!

Fcuk you Jingo we are going to batter them!

If millwaaaaa have changed their style away from big bash bollocks then we will eat them for breakfast.  3-0 to the good guys.

That is all and Jingo is still a cnut.

Chicago: Trying to save it all.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Friday nights alright for fighting, we're on the telly and it's away at Milwall!
I was actually going to do the thread today but this prick is really cocking things up.  What should I do Gentleman?  Should I wade in and try and turn the tide or accept that Jingo has torpedoed all chances with promotion and Sexy Sabri will fcuk off to Watford?

There is some match thread sh!t-housery going on here.  It must be eliminated.

Chicago: Waiting for the go sign.