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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Cockney Cocks
Ameobi always offers a threat.  I like him and he works way harder than knocky show boaty bollocks who has been very poor since his scintillating debut.

Mighten I have a great deal of time for.  He is Brave and doesn’t take the constant fouling personally.  It’s the mark of a good character.  His first half performance was anonymous but came alive in the second to some good effect.  He is always going to do something (bit like Sammy) but is not consistent, (bit like Sammy).  Has a tremendous upside If he doesn’t break down.

We were solid on Saturday.  McKenna was our man of the match.  If he wasn’t made of glass I would suspect that he wouldn’t be with us very long.  Ironically the meeewaaall players whilst being right narky Fcukers wanted nothing to do with our Scottish hero. 

Sow is important to our team.  We look useless without him.  Again he is going to break down at a certain point and it would be good to have a plan B for that.  Young Ryan is improving and is now looking upfield rather than back.  I suspect that means he is being coached.  Nice to see.

We are classic, solid and average at the moment.  I suspect it is enough to keep us in mid table as I suggested we would be be when everyone was freaking out.  Jeff (even though he is a cnut) was the only one to agree.  Bunch of hysterical harpies.

Anyway roll on next season. 

Chicago: Enjoying the improvement to average.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Plague, 2020/21
I'm now officially worried. It's more than quarter of an hour since someone slated twisted sister, and I haven't heard chic explode yet.

Perhaps he's finally realised we are right?

You are not right.  You are into hippy dippy woe is me walking in the woods folky sh!t.  JP was right, (not often I hear myself saying that),  I was and am working.  Twisted Sister were probably the greatest live band ever. “ I am, I’m me”, is a classic and quite clearly a tangent has been produced by the Corona affecting the blood vessels in the Talkbacker brain.  As for work, I am averaging over a 100 workouts a week and might not need the Lergy to do me in. Luckily the anti maskers here are behaving themselves until they start blabbing about their antibodies because they got it and it kicked the sh!t out of them and they are still weak.  No outbreak at work as I
Vigilante with behaviour and if anyone away from our place has an issue then I won’t let them back until they have at least two negative tests.  I don’t count the rapid’s as accurate enough. 

Anyway carry on... you fcuking musical heathens.  It’s a miracle I tolerate any of you.

Chicago: Briefly popping up above the water.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
Rooney has now retired from playing to become full time manager.  Shame.  Thought he totally slowed down the team.

Wonder if we can pinch Tom Carroll.  He is a utter bell end but better than any 10 we have...

Chicago: Staying away from the car. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: HOME ICE! The NHL for Beginners and f*ckwits Thread
Y'know Ice Hockey is sh!t unless you watch it live (as in not on television)...  Then it's fcuking ace.....

Sean come over post covid and I will take you to a Blackhawks game or you can bum boy off with Russ in Toronto.  Although we could get creative and go see a Blackhawks/Maple leafs/Senators game and I will do all the drinking as you can't. 

Er...other North American Cities are also available...

One of the best hockey experiences I had was in Long Island, I was driving into New York from Providence with a colleague one afternoon and trying to work out what to do for the evening, rather than the normal drinking in the city, a quick google search and found out that the islanders were playing the Bruins. Quick divert on 95 and $50 for a ticket at the Coliseum made for a really fun evening and about $200 less than you’d pay to see the Bruins in Boston.

Watching the Rangers at MSG is also a fun experience.

Mus: gradually making his way around all NHL stadiums

Chicago: Situational presence. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
Weights will help you grow old gracefully by helping you maintain and grow muscle which will help
You with age related illnesses and also boost your immunity system.  It will also raise your HGH abs testosterone levels when you push hard to give you some
Extra oomph with the ladies and  also give you extra energy and helps prevents injuries due to muscle imbalances. 

As for growing old with cardio.  Well playing lots of OAP football is fun and keeps you in shape to play.  In order to not puke during the first few games you could take it easy and ease into it or if you are like me and haven’t got a subtle bone in your body then to train in order to play, then Interval training is the trick (although playing football is in itself interval training).

Well if you are near a running track.  Then walk or jog the long bit and sprint the fcuk out of the short bit and the. Got back to Lower pace on the longer distance abs repeat as nauseam until you have had enough and after figuring out what rest days you need do it again until you have achieved. A level of fitness where you don’t think you are going to die whilst trying to tackle someone.

Or just go for a walk every day.  It’s good for you.  Sitting down for long periods of time is horrifically bad for you so movement is good. 

Work up to anything.  Simples.

Chicago:  late to the party. 

PS:  without proper sleep, nutrition and hydration you are fcuked so take that into consideration too.  You fcuking asked! 
You too busy watching Netflix rather than talk on the treadmill.  Some elite athlete you are!

Too busy at the moment working for a fcuking living and putting up with wingnut clients who are draining me emotionally as I try not to lamp them for being stupid cnuts.  Oh the travails of working for the rich and entitled.

Chicago: Grinding on.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Trump
Not taking the spectre of Trumpism and Trump seriously now or in the future will be the death of democracy.  If you commit a crime especially in positions of power you cannot be allowed to get away with it.  It just emboldens the actions of those coming after to do more until it’s too late.

Unless he is barred from office he will come back.

McConnell as I suspected is a lying conniving sh!tbag and won’t probably push his party to convict and then blame the Dems for disenfranchising scores of Republican base voters.

If the next two years of Biden don’t go well Republicans will seize the house and senate and go to work to stay in power....  it won’t be pretty.

Chicago: Preparing for battle.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Trump

 No f*cking sh!t.  From day one of his presidency, you f*cking bellend.

Actually no.  McConnell was very pleased to have that vacuous sack of sh!t as president because he was never interested in policy and approved everything that Moscow Mitch wanted until recently.  Now he seems to think that he wouldn't be able to control him anymore and he would endanger their attempts to win back the house and the senate so it would be best to expel him forever and get someone else to press forward with his awful agenda.  It's all very logical unfortunately.

Chicago: Cynical.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Trump
The Government cannot let any of this criminality slide.  The protest of the election results and the sh!t that proceeded it were a test run.  if any of these fcukers skate then America is fcuked.  Trump, family and cohorts should all go down with the severest of penalties.  Leave no-one.  If they do the emboldened will surely find a way back into power and all hell will break loose.  This is a tipping point.  Scorched earth.  Must be done.  The impeachment is to stop Trump from ever running again (and also to strip him of Government protections aka the secret service), the Article 14 which was introduced to the house today is targeting those GOP assholes who tried to subvert democracy. It is in the constitution where it says that house members who participate in treasonous acts or sedition will no longer be allowed to be in a governmental position.   It's not time to be nice.  In fact it is the opposite.  You concede and you are dead.  These people who were part of this are very very dangerous and should be punished.  I find it hilarious that Rand Paul voted against banning the noose as a capital punishment because it was offensive to black people, (big f*cking shock), and could be used still in executions,.  In a perfect world hang the traitors from a tree.  It won't happen but boy the irony...  (the last part is wishful thinking of course but it would be amusing). 

Cops killing cops in the capital.  What next?  Has to be stopped.

So Nope.  Prosecution and imprisonment.  Has to be done.  

The future of the western democracy probably depends on the good guys winning and being nice isn't going to cut it. 

PS.  I have yet to see anything about McConnell entertaining Impeachment.  He stated that he had no appetite for it.  Where has anybody seen differently?

Chicago: Clear eyed. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread
I went to see that with very little in the way of knowledge or expectations.. and it ended up being one of my favorite films of last year. Top stuff. 34.4 triceratops coughing up their lungs on a boardroom table.

First film of 2021 was Nomadland. If you're the sort of person who thinks 'ooh, Frances McDormand is in that film I will definitely go and see it, then you should definitely go and see it because it is, and she is, excellent'. Other sorts of people should take independent advice.

You went to the cinema?

Brave if so.

Chicago: Not believing it.