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The Daily Cut and Thrust / "Yes, I'd Recommend it to Anyone...." The Dorset Thread
Madame Seán has expressed an interest in a cheeky few days away in Dorset during the last week of July. When it's undoubtedly very expensive and all the decent guest houses etc are full.

So despite having once lived in 'muff, I actually know very little about Dorset beyond Poole. And possibly Swanage / Weymouth (and even then in the case of the latter that's strictly limited to having once got the SeaCat from there to Saint Malo and waking up on the train at the station after it had terminated after having a little nap on the way home from an evening in London village. A couple of times.).

I've visited Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door once and it was veh picturesque as I recall, but don't recall much else.

Anyway I promised I'd look into it, which naturally means asking anonyomous spazclowns on the interc*nt about it and basing any subsequent decision on their I'll advised anecdotal recommendations.

So, mongfriends, over to you.

Luv, Seán x.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Is Talkback Broken?
It seems to be slower than Gary Jones in moonboots at the moment. And keeps crashing.

Has Tricky been tinkering or has JP the f*cknut pressed something he shouldn't have again?