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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Anyone know....
...of a cheap/reputable surveyor in the Newark area?

Need to help a friend from outside the area arrange a structural survey...preferably on the cheap....need information more than indemnity. I was previously helped out in this regard by a family friend (who was a surveyor for a building society in his day job), but the unreliable chap died on me a few years ago, so somewhat inconveniently is no longer available.....
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Bon Soir, monsieur.
Zut Allors, le grand fromage est Mort.

Well not exactly dead, but dead to us. So long Philippe Montanier, and thanks for all the cheese. You operated with good humour and dignity from an impossible position. We will never know what might have been.

I wish you well. In fact I wish you better than us. As a man you won us over. As a coach its hard to say.

Bon chance!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Attention Russ......
It seems that Microsoft has made the Outlook-online/office365 user interface even worse with the latest iteration.  Incredible but true.  It's atrocious, and now comes complete with authentic sporadic microslow log in errors. Almost unusable.Their stuff really is a big f*ck you to the end user who pays, purely to prioritise a monitised platform for paid for applications and SAAS.

There is a serious move for corporates to look at chrome-OS now, with google nailing it down, and withdrawing support for useful features (like app support) on all the open source platforms.

Yes.  That's right. Windows and it's surrounding infrastructure is now so bad, that it might start to lose massive market share to chrome. There is massive enterprise resistance to windows 10, and with apps (ie the android stuff) chome-os is easier to develop for, and has a wider applications support than anything else.

It's a shame the b@stards have kyboshed it on other platforms, because things like cub with chrome were ace.....but google have withdrawn the app support from all but chrome-os (ie comes with a chromebook).

The Daily Cut and Thrust / You may have noticed...
(or indeed you may not) that this location is not the one that you were previously visiting to see the site.

Currently there are re-directs in place, to send you to this location.  I will also change the dns on the old site so that: points to: and that redirects to:

...and hopefully we will be here for a bit.

Everything should work as before.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / I think, on balance...'s more trouble than it's worth to restore the small number of posts missing from when this copy of the site was made, until when this version became active.

Sorry about that.

Right, all yours...
The Daily Cut and Thrust / The new car thread, for Sean and tricky.
Right, for one reason or another it looks like we both need a car. What should we get?

Given that I'm without a job, I'm looking at something second hand, and preferably not too old or high mileage.  Circa eight grand. You should bear in mind that the only acceptable cars are an MX5, and a Ford Focus, and that we already have an MX5.

I have a set of roofbars for a 2012 Focus, if that helps.

Any suggestions?

P.S. Sean can sort out his own car thread.  I was lying.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Anyone able to do me a courier favour?
I'm looking for someone able to pick up a receiver (AV amplifier type box, quite heavy) from hampshire, and drive it up to me in Nottingham.  Anyone in the portsmouth region, and also driving to nottingham, some time over the next couple of weeks?

Long shot, and I'm not expecting it will be possible, but there's a thing, that's a bargain, that I want but isn't worth that sort of schlep to go and get.....
The Daily Cut and Thrust / New balls please.
Womens match, at the French. Cornet against Lucic-Baroni. Lucic big hitting but making errors, Cornet scrambling but hanging in there. Really great match.

ITV4 coverage of the french this year, TV and online.  Good to see.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / The season after next....
So we're pretty much agreed next season is a bust. So what about the season after that? Most of the contracts putting us into embargo should have run out. What division will we be in? Will we have any players under contract who didn't come out of the academy? Will Britt, Blackstock, Cohen, Hobbs and Reidy (wherever they are) be fit yet? Will Fawaz still be here?

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Today's friday Game....
Entertaining short bearded dwarfish Canuck for the evening.....will be heading towards Ned Ludds shortly, and then working our way back via West Bridgford, if anyone fancies a half of shandy tonight.

Here or phone/text me, if you want to know where we are....and I'm able to communicate.