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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
For reasons of murdering my material (creative differences), I'm giving up sunday football (will still be playing tuesday/thursday). I'm looking to put a fitness/strength routine in because it's equidistant between my other sessions. I'm probably going to do an hour of bike work (mixed HIIT and road work).  Any other ideas about what sort of training I could be doing to maximise strength and fitness to help my football given it's essentially my only available weekly session (outside the two football sessions, and a bit of basic mixed workout - press-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, leg presses, etc.)?

I will be 52 in may.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Anyone who wears a blazer and tie with running shoes is definitely a wrong 'un.
I'm not one who possesses the sartorial moral high ground, as you know. I don't offer outfit advice to anyone. That I could in this case betrays what a shambles of a seventies municipal golf course[1] social club member he looks like.
Nine holes, mostly par three's, a pile of sand where a green should be
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
...deregulate, dumb down, sell off.

Surely nobody vaguely sentient doubts that that's a big part of a lot of the drive behind brexsh!t?  It's certainly not to achieve any of the oft stated objectives...because it doesn't.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
He's trolling.  He still hasn't provided a single reasonable, or legitimate, answer to any question he's been asked. It's impossible that someone is that thick. He's just ignorant.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
"don't break the law, or the country" was an integral concept and acknowledged by all participants. It's nobody's fault but your own if you were to thick to understand that. Despite your protestations to the contrary it's clear that you had no idea what you were voting for.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Let’s stick to the choice as per the voting slip Leave means Leave. Just walk away. It’s what the majority voted for.
 That's illegal, in British and International law, would be a massive act of self-harm, and would damage the country for generations, and is not actually what the narrow flawed referendum was 'won' on.

If you really believe that, you are nothing more than a dangerous idiot, and an example of why representative democracy is a superior bad system to direct democracy. Parliament is sovereign. Get over it.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Strange thing to say being as how the wishes of over 17 million are clearly being ignored.
 Strange thing to say as the policy decisions over the last two years and been entirely dictated by a tiny majority, and thrown the country into disarray. 

You have no interest in, or understanding of, democracy, mandate, or actual will of the people. We can live in la-la land, or put actual real options to the people. I'm sure that's what you support, the opportunity to do what the people actually want?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
This is interesting, if written in a lot of legalese. jp, does this pass the smell test?
You may, or may not (as it were), have noticed that I have said the same before. Leaving without a deal contravenes both British and international law, and effectively signals our status as a rogue state.

An actual qualified legal opinion may be better. Get the wind farm fella on the case.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Having external funding is not necessarily a problem.  Having illegal funding breaking electoral law is a problem.  Unless you are a right wing traitor, then the prime minister will probably kibosh any investigation.