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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
Anyone recommend a decent pair of Bluetooth sport headphones for running? Looking to spend upwards of £50 but no more than a ton. Not expecting mind-blowing sound, just something that's got decent connectivity that's not going to drop out on treadmill runs and something that can withstand sweat without breaking.

Currently looking at this one....

I wouldn't spent 50 quid.  I can't recall the number if pairs I've got through that have been destroyed by sweat.  Maybe better ones might be more resiliant but it could be an expensive experiment. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's amusing me today
We just had 10 bulk bags of hard core delivered (think about the  volume of 3 cars).
Ms Garf  wants to help by moving it round the back where it’s needed while I get on with other stuff.
Apparently the spade is too unwieldy so I last saw her filling a bucket using a garden trowel.

Don’t want to be dismissive of her efforts, so I’m keeping quiet pissing about on the Internet; it's only polite.

Took me a second to understand this.  Hard core vs Hardcore. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Smartphones and handheld computers
Restore settings from backup, connect to accounts and services, install required apps and configure logins, connect cloud password manager. That sort of thing.

Ah ok.  I guess I just consider that as 'using it' as I'm fairly tech savy.  I thought you meant you were having to set networks etc which would be mental unless buying completely bare metal phones.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Smartphones and handheld computers
As an Addendum, the user I set up the G6 for is one who generally requires a lot of support. It has been problem free.

What do you mean by 'set up'?  Ok I've only had 2 smart phones, galaxy S4 and then an S8, both from EE.   I just turned them on and they worked.   Maybe I've been sheltered as I do know Samsung and EE both do a lot of upfront work on the OS and Apps.

 I know they are basically little computers but surely you can just buy a phone that works?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
8 laps each in total, 240km in total so about 50 miles each, 30th out of small teams (up to 5, we were a 3) from a field of 160. I've just had a much needed 12hrs kip. I now ache like f*ck, the balls of my feet are sore and I can't more my neck from what must be scanning the ground with a head torch. I think once was enough for that event, I'm unlikely to beat that distance.

Well done.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
Feel free to get hung up on a specific number, and ignore the wider point. What is certainly true is that most sources quote calorie burn, but don't subtract what you would have been burning just staying alive (or better still, thinking hard, which burns more). I believe Chics point is that running (lets be honest, we are talking about jogging for most people), does not consume that many calories over the top,  not as many as other activities (on a consumption/time ratio), and not enough (on it's own) for most people to achieve sustained and significant weight loss.

I'm not ignoring the wider point, I pretty much agree with everything he is saying.  It's just if someone quotes a fact or figure in a subject I'm interested in I like to know where it comes from, especially if it is contrary to what I have seen.  If you just happily accept something because someone said they read it once you are one step from drinking the magic lemonade.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
All I'm trying to do is find where this quote 'most exercise burns only 100 calories an hour extra over BMR'.  This goes against everything I have ever read.  I want to read their reasoning and see their numbers.  As mentioned I'm very interested in this stuff, and study it in my own way, and I have never seen anything like that and cannot find anything like that.  The nearest I can get to is stretching and 'generic moderate gym workouts' burning circa 100 calories an hour above BMR.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The new fitness thread
I am convinced that Chicago has mixed up calories per mile and calories per hour, and is now continually doubling down on his assertion rather than read the multitude of science on the matter that is readily available at the click of a Google. Good luck convincing him otherwise.

That would be my take but the internet is full of incorrect information that gets quoted, repeated and regurgitated until it becomes truth.  So is the fitness industry.  The human body function and addaption is something I'm very interested in.  If i could have a 'do over' i wouldn't be in IT i would have gone into this area of study and work.