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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window
Sounds entirely sensible. Could be worth waiting until you've seen him play first.

He was a young kid in his early 20s playing abroad for the first time when he moved to Huddersfield 18 months ago. He probably joined them a season too late and the whole team was struggling - hardly solid foundations for a fairly junior player to make a mark at a new club.

Before that he played more than 20 times for then French league champions Monaco - looks like the season after they let Mbappe move to PSG. Our manager knows a bit about the French top flight (see Brice. S) - perhaps we ought to wait to see if he's unearthed a diamond in the rough here.

Exactly.  And maybe a manager he feels comfortable working with (rather than "knock it long Cowley") might be able to get a tune out of him.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Family area at City Ground
I started taking my eldest when he was 4 and sat in the lower TE for a couple of cup games at first to get used to it.  He happily sits in the Upper TE now.  My experience is that there's so much other stuff going on that he is oblivious to any bad language.  He's learnt more bad language from school than any Forest game.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Moments
Some churchy people just knocked on the door. I've always found the quickest way of getting rid of them is to claim you are a devout follower of some other Christian faith.

I remember when I was studying for my A-Level Geography exam I had them knock on the door.  I explained I was too busy revising for my exam.  They said they had a book that could help.  I not-so politely pointed out to them that writing "God did it" for all the answers wasn't going to get me very far.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NFFC news thread
Just had a quick look to see how the new stand planning application is progressing.  The 3 week consultation period finished yesterday but I'd imagine that the Council will extend this given that it ran through Christmas and New Year.

In terms of comments received so far, the only objection from a statutory consultee is from the Environment Agency on the basis of a deficiency in the supporting Flood Risk Assessment.  However, this is fairly standard practice from the EA to object even if their only issue is the need to clarify a particular point, which appears to be the basis of their objection.

There's been a few objections from third parties, with some relating to impact during construction, which isn't a ground to refuse permission, and others relating to people movements (including asking to improve the stairs up to Lady Bay bridge). 

The only concerning objection is from a nearby resident who has undertake a Right to Light Assessment, which doesn't come back with great results for the Club.  The Case Officer will have to balance this against the wider benefits of the development, which I think would balance significantly in favour of the Club.

Still quite a few consultees yet to come back and even though the consultation period has expired, until the application is determined the Council must take into consideration.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Things I can't say on Facebook
Bit late to this but... no I'm not going to thank you or congratulate you for making the sacrifice of working on Christmas Eve/Day or New Year's Eve/Day.  When we were at school together you were a sh!tty little scrote.  Funnily enough, I paid attention at school and so didn't end up with a job that involved wiping old peoples arses on Christmas Day.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: NFFC news thread
Right, it's clearly not trivial but I am assuming that the people whose decision it is are not seeing the plans for the first time this morning, and that some degree of consultation has been undertaken prior to its submission so we know that what we're asking for is likely to be approved.

Application forms and the Planning Statement outline that discussions have been held with the Council and other stakeholders prior to the submission of the application. Doesn't always mean that they're on board but it's a positive sign and should make the process slightly quicker.