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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January 2019 transfer window
If loaning out for a season was the best thing for his development 6 months ago is it not worth following through now, for the benefit of the long term impact of the player?

I suppose that depends upon whether the new manager's style will be better suited to his development than the previous manager's was. Personally I'll be very happy to have him back, loaning Joe and freezing out Bridcutt are the two decisions made by the previous manager I could never get my head round. I'd like to see both get a fresh opportunity Trentside.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
They tried to kick him out before and the members voted him straight back in. Not much point in going through that again.

How long ago was that? It seems like a lot of sh!t has happened in a fairly short time, would opinions have changed at all? Seems to me like coming out in favour of a second referendum would potentially swing a lot of voters - my Dad loathes the Labour party and I suspect a Labour party with a moderate leader and a promise of a second referendum would get his vote for the first time in history.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
The Labour MPs overwhelmingly voted against. Undoubtedly there are a few who would prefer a more hardline version, but I would have thought that a significant majority are pro-Remain. Why then do they continue with Corbyn as their leader if his position is contrary to theirs and the majority of their constituents?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread
Had to fill a 12 hour flight (CMB-LHR) and the film pickings were slim.

Unstoppable – I watched this thinking it was something else. It was a fairly run of the mill runway vehicle film, quite engaging and passed an hour and a half.

Inception – absolutely brilliant film, with a complex multi layered plot. Will probably watch again under better conditions to see WTF was actually happening at key points.

Margaret – I watched this on the recommendation of someone who had commented on the lack of films going out. If meet him again I’ll demand a refund, just dull.

Inception is excellent and a movie that is actually better on the second watch.

My flight was only short, a little over three hours, and the seat back TV wasn't working (for which Air Canada gave me a compensation code against my next flight, which was nice) so I had to watch what was on my iPad. Thankfully I'd loaded up a bunch of stuff I've never seen before so I watched The Sting, which was brilliant.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
I agree on the need to explicitly have promoted other teams (although familiarity with your opponents is an advantage), but O'Neill hasn't managed successfully anywhere in this decade. That's the concern.

Depends how you define success, I suppose. I think there's a reasonable argument that he managed Sunderland and the ROI to exactly the level that their talent and resources merit.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
Warnock has spent most of the last 15 seasons managing in the top end of the championship though, so not sure the comparison holds.

O'Neill has spent most of the last 15 season managing in the Premier League and internationally, so I'm not sure what particular leg up Warnock has on him by virtue of managing slightly crappier teams. Getting promotion isn't some kind of cunning magic trick, it's just a function of making your football team win more games than the other ones. I hate the whole "he knows how to get a team promoted" argument, it's silly.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
Trying really hard to give a sh!t one way or the other about the O'Neill appointment and failing.

On the one hand I think it's 15 years too late for him, on the other hand Warnock got Cardiff promoted last year.

On the one hand we're undoubtedly going to see a lot more of Daryl Murphy, on the other hand at least it's probably going to be in a system that suits his limited skillset.

On the one hand I'm not sure if Carvalho fits into how we'll likely play, on the other hand the best team he ever managed was built around Muzzy Izzet.

So meh. At least Mr Doughty would be happy. We finally got his man.