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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's annoying me today
Sorry to hear that Rich.  My brother's wife is currently battling a very malignant genetic form of breast cancer that has moved to her Lymph nodes in record time.  She went full on with the radiation and the Chemo but the doses were so strong that they almost killed her.  Now she just had a massive operation and we are waiting to see if the surgeon's got all of it.

My brother is a basket case at the best of times I can't imagine how he would cope if if the operation wasn't a success.

Chicago: Sending best wishes. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Look to the skies!!!!
if Kranky is still around then Worrall will be sold.  It's rumoured that they don't get along.  Ben B wasn't sold for financial reasons Kranky didn't like him.  Although if we get 7 million for him as stipulated then I suppose that is something.  One of the supporters groups met with Randall and he said that the finances were quite healthy.  Not sure how they swung that but I am guessing they pinned it on Fawaz taking some of the debt with him.  Tricky is right Maranakis has sacked loads of managers for some reason or another.  He has even sacked two manager when they were winning the league by numerous points.  Marco Silva being one of them.  And the bloke who managed to get Portugal the European Championship.  Little Maureen better keep the results on the uptick because he has spent a lot of money so it's down to him to keep us up there. 

He should be here at the end of the season but if we drop then there is no guarantee.  Kind of like Brexsh!t.

Chicago: Keeping the ear to the ground.   
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Look to the skies!!!!
Frustratingly the streaming of the game froze so rebooting the replay just told me the score.  From what I saw Grabban should have scored when Butland made a cock up.  It was always going to be a tight game.  We had the better chances.  Karim would have been a good shout if we wanted to really go for it:  Darwika is much much better as is Colback but we are missing something.  I suspect that is because of Gueddy misfiring somewhat.

We are efficient but not dynamic.  Carvalho is starting to impose himself somewhat and him and Lolley are our wild cards.  Stoke didn’t really have anybody.  Just big solid bodies.  I still can’t quite figure out what happened With the Efobe decision.  Did he dive?  If so then yellow.  If not then Pants is off.  That as far as I can figure was Stoke’s real chance.

I figured 0-0. 

I predict maybe 6th or 7th. 

Chicago:  Stonewalled.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Look to the skies!!!!
Incoming neck ache!  Rowett’s Stoke coming to town.  I cannot image a game of beautiful passing football with skill and drama.  I only think of sh!t trainers and Peter Crouch.  Stoke are underperforming. Maybe we can get the gobby tw@t the sack.  I am sure Karanka is going to overwhelm me with his dynamism.  We go ahead they hoof.  We hoof.  I have a spasm.  Jim screams that Stoke are a sh!t club and blathers something about knowing someone when he just heard something from someone else and took the credit for it.  Ingo falls off his bike.  Tricky talks about attrition and shoulders with a bit of grump thrown in.  Russ talks sh!t about something irrelevant so he can have an argument and when no-one takes the bait he has an argument anyway. JP will extol the virtues of non- league standard Scottish football (and in this instance he will probably be correct). Gasman will complain the game isnt on I-follow (it is..)  Rich B is right, it will be 2-0.... Somewhere!!!

This will not be pretty....

Chicago: Close to the ground. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Telly Thread
I watched the First two episodes of the Bodyguard.  I liked episode one and if episode two hadn’t gone all rampant silly shagging it would still be Of interest.

I love line of Duty and it is the same people so I hope that t doesn’t end as horribly as Tricky suggests.

I finished Daredevil on Netflix and fcuking loved it.  Enjoying Ash vs The Evil dead too.  Castle Rock was oddly intriguing but had an obtuse ending which sort of  disappointed me.  Ray Donovan is much better than last season.

I am all over the place at the moment.

Chicago:  Fractured.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Sheffield United are a sh!t club and we are going to beat them!
I think you’re wrong.  I have been very impressed with Norwich so far.  If it’s squad strength then possibly you might be right but If they stay healthy they might be the team to beat.  Leeds are annoying but will they stay the course?  Villa have a very strong squad but sacking Bruce was laughable.  Norwich are my pick this season. 

As for the others?  Dog fight.  Middlesborough are sh!t houses an are quite awful but they will be up there.  Pullis will bludgeon everyone to death.  It’s going to be interestingly. And yes we are like ‘ull.  Wonder how we do against them in a couple of weeks.

Chicago:  Watching mediocrity.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Film Thread

It's decent enough.  I wouldn't say it blew me away and the book is better. 

The sequel is going to be odd though.  Not sure where they can take this further. 

Haven't seen a film in ages.  Only see them when I am on a plane.  Expect a report in January after a few flights.

Chicago: Homebody. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Sheffield United are a sh!t club and we are going to beat them!

Back to the games.  Burton we were kind of useless which probably spelt the end of Bridcutt as he had a sh!t fit when he was subbed.  He also was doing alright until the penalty and then went to pieces.  Diogo was useless and ran into blind alleys.  Appiah looked like something and I hope he and yates get a look in but unfortunately it is unlikely as Yacob and the Greek with the funny name appeared today with the bloke we signed two months ago but couldn't get a work permit. 

Yacob was tidy but won't keep his place when Colback comes back.  We were generally boring but Sheff Utd were blunted (sic), and didn't really threaten until the inevitable siege at the end.  Having said that we were better but not really by much. Carvalho was excellent and put himself about for the first time without being brushed off easily.  Lolley was unpredictable and made some good runs.  Cash tried very very hard.  As a unit functional.  As a dynamic attacking team rather dull.  Darwika has though suddenly become a footballer which is quite shocking.  Robinson has improved too.  I still think our centre backs are a bit suspect though but Dawson with Figgy did well today. 

We might dull ourselves to the top six.  Strangely enough the one team I pointed out as this season's Fulham have so far proved me right in Norwich.   I think barring an injury crisis are the team to beat this season.  d*rby are lurking too but haven't watched those cnuts.  Hopefully Villa are still a mess when we get to play them.  Thank God they don't have Snograss to sh!thouse them to victory.  Middlesborough are w@nk.  

We have a chance but I cannot say I am overly entertained.  Let's hope my buddy Karim is a lightning rod.

Chicago: Begrudingly invested.