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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Smells Fishy
Following an unfortunate incident in Pets at Home caused by some very prominent Peppa Pig branding and shelf stacking designed with the pig-centric toddler in mind I am now the main stakeholder in 25 quids worth of aquarium (aquary-arium to those ITK). Cosmic. Anybody on here keep tropical fish? What's the path of least resistance/expense here? We'd get away with plastic fish for a bit but would still have to buy food to 'feed' them with so might as well do it properly. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Moments
With gear issues, first fix for me is to replace the gear link bushes holding the linkages in place between the gear stick and gearbox.

There wouldn't be any noticeable difference between going up/down the box though.

If it's you clutch you can test this by trying to pull away in a high gear. It should stall but if your engine revs up you clutch is on the way out.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The World Cup Thread
Since having children I have found my time available for drinking much reduced. To compensate I've moved on from Fosters (approx. 4% abv.) to premium lagers, mostly Heineken and San Miguel. The stronger taste has left me unable to go back to Fosters so yesterday I drank approx. 11 pints of San Miguel and followed it up with a large Maryland Pizza. This morning most of this came back up, with a good 20% coming out of my nose.
Ingo's 'ave it. / Re: Ingo world
2 year old seems to think 4am is the perfect time to get up. I've chose the wrong week to give up Coke.