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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's annoying me today
I confess I have never heard of him. In fact I know nothing about Basketball, Baseball or American Football. My Irish Cousins In Chicago often fill my news feed with sh!te about Cubs???
I have said many times we need a leader. Dawson isn't and neither is Watson. Someone who can drive the players to raise their game. Too many times we start on the back foot and too many times we crumble under the slightest pressure. Yes we are far higher than expected but we have been lucky many times in a poor league. I can count on one hand how many wins we actually dominated. It's usually the so called lower sides that play us off the park. Against the better clubs we seem to recognise the need to increase our level of urgency.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: General Politics Thread
Labour will be making a big mistake with Wrong Daily. She won't appeal to voters who thought the Labour policy was too full of Xmas gifts. She actually admits being behind most of the Labour policies. I personally like Nandy and would vote for Labour with her as leader.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window
I'm f*cking writing him off. A struggling side let's a player go who they don't want. Some Forest fans are wetting themselves over this signing. I see it for what it is desperation to sign anyone even a reject from below us.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: FCUK YOU LUTON!
Forest need to change how they start games. We mostly look like rabbits in headlights first half of the majority of games. If we could solve that then we could look forward to promotion. I confess to be slightly worried about promotion though. Other than our goalie I don't see any player good enough for the top flight. We are not in a relegation battle so it's stil s good season regardless.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: General Politics Thread
I wouldn't vote Labour under RLB. I would certainly consider return to Labour if Lisa Nandy wins. I don't agree with all her politics but I agree with very little if BoJos.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window
Grabben can score but when he isn't he is unable to create or work for the team. Not a workhorse just a poacher. Unfortunately as we don't tend to get goals from our midfielders we rely too much on him.