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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Summer 2020 transfer window
Very good player, Was record signing for Sheff Utd 12 months ago, but an odd signing as he didn't really fit their style of play (not a wing back and not a terrier-type, full of energy midfielder).
Be interesting where he fits in with us - replaces Sammy on the wing? Or behind Grabban(Taylor), in which case one of Colback/Sow(Yates)/Silva miss out.

Unless we are going to change the way we play I'd expect him to take the Silva further forward slot with plethora of midfield options sat behind him trying to provide the cover and win the ball back.  Is he as busy off the ball as Silva is, or just busy enough that he's not as passenger like as Carvalho sometimes can be
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Trump
Haven’t seen it but appears even Fox was giving rave reviews to Biden’s speech (content and delivery) last night. Which is unfortunate for the Republicans who’ve based their strategy on “he’s a doddery senile old fool whose brain’s gone and can’t speak in coherent sentences”.  So they’ll have to fall back on “despite 40 something years of the most moderate politics, he’s, somehow, going to introduce communism to the US”.

doddery senile old fool whose brain's gone and can't speak in coherent sentences you say
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
1 - he didn't move towards the ball though did he? He was already running. He slowed his run down. He didn't change direction to go to the ball.

2 - clearly movement towards the ball doesn't count as active, see the many times that someone is clearly offside and runs 30 years to get to the ball before the linesman puts his flag up; and we all shout why the hell didn't he just put it up sooner, the guy is clearly going for the ball.

1. If he slowed his run down then that's a deliberate action towards the ball, change of direction or not.  By deliberating stepping over the ball he becomes part of the game

2. You've just proved exactly what I was saying in that he doesn't need to touch the ball to be active

Shouldn't need to be a talking point really, Man City made a odd choice in how they set up and even then that Sterling miss!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
I am not sure Lyon's second wasn't legit.  The player offside didn't touch the ball and therefore didn't become active.  Did Dembele stand on Laporte.  Again I am not.  I think Lyon the benefit of the doubt was the right thing to do.

Citeh shot themselves in the foot.  Kevin Debruyne deserves better.  Pep did some odd tactics there.  Pretty sure Bayern are going to be Bayern.  

All German or all French final?  I am thinking PSG vs Munich but Lyon have managed to knock off one of the favourites and Leipzig are an interesting team.

Chicago: Up in the air. 

He let the ball run through his legs how can he not be active, you don't need to touch the ball to be active any move towards it is deemed active surely.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Summer 2020 transfer window
Perfectly happy with that. We all hope that Lamouchi will introduce a degree more tactical flexibility this season, but he's also not going to change things completely and that deep midfield lynchpin is clearly going to be important again. Colback fits into the Watson role well, I think.

He fits in the combative just in front of Watson role that Sow played when he was fit as well