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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Printers
Given the impending self isolation and need to work from home, I'm going to need a printer.  Has anyone got any recommendations?  Don't need anything too flash (or expensive) but being able to print and scan at A3 would be preferable.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Fantasy Football
As it's too hot in the office to do any proper work, I've set up a few teams on the Telegraph Fantasy Football League.  If I set up a Talkback League, would there be any interest?

By September I'm likely to have forgotten to keep an eye on my teams but it's worth a try!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Camera Advice Please Thread
It's my wife's birthday soon and for a while she has said that she'd like a better camera, specifically an SLR (and probably Canon).  So, I thought I'd surprise he with one for her birthday, however I know nothing about cameras.  I was budgeting for about £300 but a quick amazon search shows that this is probably the bottom end of the range for SLRs.  So if I bought the lower range, am I buying a duff product, or am I being unrealistic for what I could get on that budget?

Any thoughts/advice would be gratefully appreciated.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Bizarre Dream Thread
Last night I dreamt that Forest were back in the Premier League and playing Man Utd at the City Ground.  The new steep sided ground had the usual many glory supporting Utd fans in the Forest ends.  I was slightly concerned that they'd lowered the concrete wall at the front of the upper Trent End.  Anyway, I turned up late to find that Alan Shearer, dressed in his Blackburn Premier League winning kit, was giving a speech in the centre circle to a silent crowd so I shouted "get off the pitch you boring tw@t and let the game start".  Everyone looked at me shocked, as I then found out that he was giving a speech about someone that had died.  Anyway, he over egged the speech slightly and everyone else started to come round to my view that he was being boring and holding up the game.  I can't remember what happened in the game as I was too busy concentrating on not falling over the smaller wall into the lower Trent End.