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AKA VIRTUAL TALKBACK BEERS.....  (Usually Fridays 9pm ish UK time. )

This is a video conference app for phones:

Just add (any) room name, and we can all join (eg)

on a computer (firefox, chrome):

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Actually go here:

on a computer (firefox, chrome):

This is a video conference app for phones:

also available on apple

Just add  room name,

So without trying to upset the Reaper, Tricky and Guru as well as myself realized that we started this thread in an attempt to cheer Charlie up as he was feeling a little down surrounded by all this death and other stuff.  Tricky and Guru were drunk so have an excuse for saying... well I never meant it. I, on the other hand can take my booze (bourbon everywhere and it was earlier in the day) so will not deny I agreed if I wasn't the one to bring it up.  ANYWAY HE NEVER SHOWED (EVER!) Yes I am slut shaming you death!

Rich B says he will drop in... Says.  Guru has had the interior decorator round so he can show off more of his art collection.  Sean has a voice like gargled rocks and is working on face reconstruction.  (it was a bit dark last week and that might put Rich off)...

Simon not Steve and err Steve look normal.  As does the other Steve (who is Juan Fran).  Pod still reminds me of pod and Markus, Muswell and Russ say that they will be there this week?  SO THEY SAY IF THEY CAN GET OVER THEIR ACID TRIP OF EIGHTIES MUSIC!).

I still think Donny doesn't exist.  What does Dave M the serial killer look like?

This be my last foray into virtual chatting for a while as it looks like I will be heading back to work and life will get in the way.  I don't mind the abuse because I have known Tricky forever.  Everyone seems reasonable.  One last time chaps? 

Tricky calls this a social experiment.

The only reason for doing this is that is surprisingly good fun. 

Chicago: The one who has to be the cnut again. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / THUGS IN sh!t TRAINERS!
Gary Rowett and his men of war are coming to the City Ground tomorrow.  We looked knackered against Boro and we will no doubt have to put up with a long ball onslaught.

I recommended having three centre backs in the last
Match thread for this game and basically got called insane.  Cash and Riberio could play wing backs. 

I would like a bit of Bostock instead of Yates and possibly Carv instead of Semedo (although he is a bit lightweight).

Maybe walker on the wing and Lolley in the centre behind Grabban.  A bit of heading prowess and some pace on the wings and a bit of luck for Lewis to fluke another goal. 

If we are toasty after Monday this will definitely test our mental strength.  I would like to say win but think 1-1.

Chicago: Gasping for breath.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / BEWARE THE BOTTOM DWELLERS!
Well it’s confirmed that I have another torn meniscus.  I suppose playing like a maniac at 49 years old isn’t that smart.  I did score a pretty stonking goal today.  Pity the knee couldn’t hold up.  So alas I have to live vicariously through the mighty Reds. 

We can’t play like arseholes.  We always seem to bollock up against the teams that are out of form.  Middlesbrough have the worst form in the division with ‘ULL.  We did the same against Chorlton and got punished.  We need to stop being the soft touch that helps the bottom teams. We need to play our strongest side. Moochi can suck my arse If he doesn’t.  Last time we let the fake Geordies back in when we went up and then sat back.  It’s time to tw@t them!!!

We will.  Sort of.  I doubt 3-0 but hope Grabban gets his mojo back.

This is the chance to put space between us and the seventh teams and below.  Would be nice to make Leeds and Brom nervous too (they got Wig whammed!)

Chicago: Wanting the pain to go away!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / BLUDGEON BUDDIES!

CARDIFF are unpleasant.  Harris is unpleasant.  This game will be unpleasant.  Oh how we are screaming out for Samba Sow.

Could we nick it?  Yes we could?  Could it be a draw.  Yes it could.  Coulda woulda, shoulda!

Anyway let us hope we play angry and get the job done. 

And also let's hope it's not blowing a bloody gale!!!!!!

I am fully aware that this is not two days in advance.  Due to Jingo's rule of Quantum internet logic this has disaster written all over it.  Or you cast aside superstitions and get Moochie to headbutt the C-diff staff as they are cnuts anyway.

Chicago: Gritting my teeth. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / COCK-A-HOOP!!!
 I have a flat tire this morning and I am rather cross but as I wait for help I will hang this out.  If Warburton hasn’t changed his spots then we can press and kill them!

If he learned from Schteve’s cynical tactics to frustrate us then it will be another frustrating day.

I say we give them a good pummeling!

2-0 Good guys.   Grabban gets his act together and Lolley and walker combine for one of them to score.

Chicago: Hoping not to cock it up!

OH that game!  That Volley!  Chrissy Cohen!  I felt warm inside.  Since then WBA bollock faces have fluked results against us.  Whether it was Muric being sh!t or that little fcuker Gayle diving.  We saved ourselves for this game.  We better deliver.  If I see Jenkinson or Bong in the starting line up I will cry.  We will win 2-1.  Lolley will have a blinder.  The race will be on and then we will fcuk it up against some other tin pot tosser team.  If this fails then Jingo can fcuk the rest of the season without me.

Chicago: All in! 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / AFTER THE LORD MANOR'S SHOW
Well fellow Talkbacker's coined this game before the Dirty Leeds dust had settled.   Massively important that we don't fcuk this up before Wet Brom entertain us on Saturday. 

I think Sabri might make some adjustments.  I am not sure if he should be doing that but Sow does look buggered.   Maybe we will see Carv and the fast bloke and Walker for a while.   Not sure De Costa is healthy yet. 

Charlton looked mighty good at the start of the season.  I have no idea why they just went splat.  Was there manager being a cock again?  Lee Bowyer isn't it? 

This could have shades of Brum if we don't go for the throat.  Can Lord Lolley take the penalties from now on?  Grabban is having a stinker maybe he will break out of his slump.  To be fair he doesn't look all there so as Tricky has pointed out he does seem to be the type of bloke who forgets his mistakes and carries on until he puts one in.

I think we win 2-0 and Jingo can go fcuk himself.

Chicago: Looking forward to the show!
Fcuk Leeds!  Everybody sucks Bielsa’s arse.  That cheating spying Argentinian cnut!  Leeds aren’t the second coming...  They are very good but they have form.  They always burn out in the New Year.  To be fair so do we....

I think the difference this year is that our manager will probably not be sacked after this game.  A Fixture fixer so to speak as the game isn’t around Christmas.

So what do we know?   Sow needs to play!  Their main man Kalvin Phillips is out.  Jolly good!

Not sure about their mental new signing...

We win.  Leeds freak.  It’s the beginning of someone else sneaking into that second spot.  Will it be us?  Dunno but why not?

1-0 to the Famous team.

Chicago:  fighting fire with Devil’s music.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / BRUM LUCK.

I think it's fair to say that Sow is our most important outfield player.  He smites and furrows and plows through the opposition on a regular basis.  Brum were by far the worst team I have seen us play this season.  It's unlikely they will be as bad again.  So in order to continue our mighty run towards playoff disappointment we need to continue the steel! 

In some weird premonition I think young Walker (if he is not binned off at the last second), may very well provide the goal scoring spark that continues the fire.  We win 2-0 or 2-1.  Birmingham are close to Wolves and i hate Wolves so we must beat them and oh yeah I will never forget their lovely fans attacking us many moons ago with Breeze blocks.  Top Geezers these. ...

I hope we get a dynamic winger in time to help lay on a mazy onslaught but if not then let the Sow bludgeoning lead us towards the top two fairyland! 

Chicago: Power Ranger!

The Daily Cut and Thrust / OH BUGGER IT’S THE BEES!
It’s a Tricky fixture for the Tricky Trees. Brentford I predicted last season if they Could be a more consistent side had the footballing acumen to getting promoted.  They play better than us but we are tossers who manage to scrape results away from home. 

I am a bit of an Ollie Watkins fanboy and would love him in our Forest side but I advocate kicking the sh!t out of him on Tuesday.  Pity Robinson has buggered off.

On past meetings we have been tw@tted in London.  I predict a scrappy draw as we look to frustrate them just like we did at the City Ground. 

1-1.   Or a right sting In the tail! (See what I did there?).  Fcuk you Brentford! ( I actually quite like them.....).

Chicago:  Realist. 
That 97th minute equalizer chaffed my wobbly bits so I have decided to go with making fun of their nicknames.  Before becoming the Royals they were the Biscuitmen due to Reading being famous for making errr biscuits. Sounds a bit gay. (Again it’s a bit weird when the scotch social justice warrior is missing drowning in whiskey somewhere)...

Can we cnut these Fcukers?!?!   They did lose to the sh!thousery of Meeewaw so maybe we should go full Samba sow, Yates and Bennylooney on them!!!

Hoping for a victory.  I think we can bum squeak it. 1-0 with someone sliding in and poking it through the goalkeepers arse.  How about Ameobi who must be worried that his French counterpart has arrived.

Chicago. Nicknamed Chic...
The Daily Cut and Thrust / FCUK YOU LUTON!
I really don’t have anything against the Hatters other than we need to beat them.  The bottom teams have been a problem for us. (See Wigwam and ‘Udds).

3 points is a must if we want to be a draw for out many transfer targets (okay money probably is more important but I Digress),.  I think 2-0 to the Mighty Nottingham.  Perma crock Lolley and Grabbs.

Alex Mighten makes a five minute cameo...

Chicago: Going for goal.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / LADIES FROM HELL!

It's a tough one.  Reading are the form team in the division.  4 wins in a row.  We are not too far behind but have yet to be convincing.  They are being driven on by former Nottingham Forest Superstar Pele`.  (I Know because I have the shirt....)

Also we cannot ignore the history of us absolutely hating to play at their stadium.  We never fcuking win because we feel our souls being destroyed by pre-fabricated buildings (not as bad as Milton Keynes but I digress) and the terrible accents.  It may have changed but that might be because Markus moved to the sunny climes of Glasgow. 

Hopefully we are fresh and can scrape a 1-1 draw.  We will batter them in the City Ground replay just a few weeks later when we have tall January recruits because Chris (show me the money) Gunter cannot jump...

Anyway JP if he wasn't being a mardy cnut in Scotchland having a breakdown would be all over this post for being sexist.  Pity.....  I blame Brexit...

Chicago: Under Duress. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / A HAPPY NEW YEAR OR A SOW'S EAR?

It's quite obvious we need Samba Sow back stat.  He has a thigh bruise.  Those buggers can last or eternity.  It would be nice to go for it again sh!tburn and then rest all of the first teamers against Chelski.  I mean we are not going to win that game are we so why bother.  Give the kids a run like Mighten and Johnson.  Mir , carvalho and Bostock can play their last games for us in the cup.

In this game we have to play Lolley, Silva and Grabban.  I wouldn't mind Jenkinson come in and push Cash up field.  I would bring back Robinson for this game and possibly put Chema in the centre with either Joe or Figgy.  Chema for all his faults can really pass the ball.  In fact I like him.  I may be tempted to drop him into midfield.  Yes you heard it here first.  Watson looks likely to play and hasn't broken yet.

Luckily for us Dack won't play.  BB?  Has he even featured for the Chicken squad yet?  I think the miserable spaniard broke him at Forest. 

I say squeaky bum time again and either 1-0 or 2-1.  We need some energy and then some rest.  We look a tad broken.  Whig wham were much better than us and we need to build on getting through these challenges. 

Kick, run, kick!  

Chicago: Attritional.   

The Daily Cut and Thrust / A wig wham walloping!

Away from home they are sh!t.  We have been nice recently.  This ends!

Smoochie needs his job.  We need Smoochie.

3-0.  Lolley x2. Grabban.

Chicago:  Coming thick and fast.