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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Budget Autumn 2017
In brief:

The price of a packet of tabs to rise by 28 pee
Booze duty to remain frozen (except for weapons grade white cider gut rot sh!t)
Stamp duty to be axed up to 300K for first time buyers
Proposed fuel duty in April 18 scrapped
Car tax to rise by one band from April 18 for diesel cars not meeting latest standard (which is me given I drive a 2011 (Euro 5) Diesel). Bugger.

Some Other Stuff
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Quick Question for the Foodies / Scientists / Tricky (Probably)
If I had removed 2 fresh salmon fillets from the freezer sometime on Sunday morning (supermarket fishmonger-bought, about a month ago, frozen immediately after purchase) and had placed them directly in the fridge to defrost, how long do I have before consumption will give me the sh!ts / superpowers / death?

I.e. Can I leave them until tomorrow? The internet doesn't seem to universally agree.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Mumsnet Thread - Food Safety Advice
Right - google seems to have conflicting opinions on this, so I'm seeking the sage counsel of the Talkback massive.
How long is a frozen chicken good for in the fridge once defrosted (also in the fridge)?

I took it out on of the freezer on Saturday night with the intention of roasting it on Sunday, but didn't.  Tonight I really can't be arsed.

It's a quandry.