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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Telly Thread
It seems I deleted the "Telly thread".

Pretty sure I didn't click anything to expressly do this, there was a popup message that I read as confirming that I wanted to cancel an incomplete post, I confirmed this and then the message lingered long enough to realise my mistake.

Apologies to all!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / New York (again ( probably))
It's the girlfriend's 50th this week and we are going to New York to celebrate.
Trouble is that work is conspiring against me and I'm hardly going to have time to pack never mind do the last minute research I promised to do to find that elusive something special to do. So I'm throwing myself at the mercy of Talkback to suggest something interesting or different. I promise to try every suggestion*

Failing that she likes Justin Timberlake (yes I know) and he's performing there this week, and sitting through a couple of hours of that would get me many points; any ideas where I might go to get tickets for that?

*this might be a lie.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Weather
I don't think this got copied from the old board.

42 degrees here in Rome. Carolyn O' Hearn would have something to say
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Mundane questions
It's generally quicker to ask Talkback than the proper channels.

So; can you take cartridge razors in hand luggage on flights from the UK?
I'd always assumed not*, but Google suggests disposables are okay. A cartridge is disposable right?

*I've attended many meeting looking like Grizzly Adams as a result, but the GF tells me this isn't happening.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Scrapheap challenge
A new thread for all divorce discussions. Hopefully a short thread.

One "fun" fact I forgot to mention about mine is I learnt it was happening when my wife sent a text, to a friend and accidentally cc'ed her whole contact  list.