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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Criminal Activity
Got a parking ticket from Ruddington Country Park. We had paid, it must have blown over on the dashboard when we shut the door so was upside-down when the warden came round. "Informally" appealed it with picture of the ticket which was rejected. Fine is £25 if paid this week or £50 thereafter. I parkrun here and use this park regularly so am a bit vexed as a) we'd paid, b) we always pay rather than park on the side roads and c) used to pay when it was a voluntary scheme. Is it worth going back to them again or just paying and shut up?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Fishes
Our 25L Peppa Pig aquarium is ticking along ok. We have had the same 6 Danios for around 4 months now which is a record. However we recently lost our head snail so when we got a replacement for him I got a shrimp as well. He didn't last 24 hours. Is it likely to be a sh!t shrimp or water quality? How does one go about testing this. We change approx. 1/3 of the water and clean or replace the filter every 2 or 3 weeks. Our fish do tend to stay near the top of the tank also.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Fixture Release Day!
One of the most exciting days of the year, until the fixtures get released and you see we are playing the same sh!t clubs, twice, all f*cking season.

I'll go with Sheffield Wednesday away to start because it's nearby.