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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Uzbekistan vs Syria
They drew 1 all last night, but I need to know how many cards were shown in this game. Google is no f*cking use. Anyone got a way I can find out?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / FAO Tricky
Hi Tricky,

Hope you are well.

It has recently come to my attention that the board has well and truely caught Brexit, I fear this is terminal as a cure looks illusive. It has crept into most threads and I worry it's influence is nearly now total. Whilst I do not wish to dimiss the importance of the issue and the world of sh!t it is certainly looking to cause us all in the UK, I feel that unless you are looking to rebrand as "Talkback - folk getting angry about Brexit" the future is bleak.

This board has a proud history of standing up to smilies, text speak and Ned pretending to be other people but I feel Brexit is the biggest challenge of our time. I'm not sure what can be done about this concerning issue, maybe a virtual Brexit jar for anyone who allows themselevs to be drawn in by RichB's trolling outside the confines of the appropriate thread. I am of course happy to administer and collect these fines.

I suppose my key point in this is - Someone makes a statment on the subject - RichB ignores the post but posts some antogonistic cobblers - about 9 people ask him 75 questions he will then ignore  - is becoming pretty f*cking boring. Standing up to nutters is obviously important but it's not a full time occupation I'm keen on.


Concerend of Radcliffe.