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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Smells Fishy
Following an unfortunate incident in Pets at Home caused by some very prominent Peppa Pig branding and shelf stacking designed with the pig-centric toddler in mind I am now the main stakeholder in 25 quids worth of aquarium (aquary-arium to those ITK). Cosmic. Anybody on here keep tropical fish? What's the path of least resistance/expense here? We'd get away with plastic fish for a bit but would still have to buy food to 'feed' them with so might as well do it properly. 
Ingo's 'ave it. / Ingo world
Seeing as I have got my own board I might as well contribute a bit.

Trying to find staff is doing my head in. If I get one more CV that features any of the following I may finally lose the plot completely:

1) The phrase "I like music and am trying to release my own single".
2) xbox listed as a hobby.
3) A link to their facebook page where they bang on about how much they love drugs.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / I need a website
Sadly not one of those websites.

I'm looking for something to log and schedule jobs on. Alex recommend Trello but I've used it for a couple of weeks and I'm not sure it's what I'm looking for. Is there any sites that anyone would recommend? I could do with it being a website so that everyone can update it. I've got a google doc spreadsheet which I use for a trade customers stuff which works ok but was wondering if there's anything better, maybe with a virtual card system so jobs can be allocated to days/staff?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Cardiff Away
Does anyone know if you need CRN's for each ticket if you book on the phone/in person? It appears you do online.

This may lead to a second question.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / What the font?!
Anybody know a good website for buying fonts? I need to get hold of Paragraph Stretch Bold and every website I find looks dodgy (yes, I know).
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Pray for JP
Where is he? I hope he hasn't fell off a wind farm. He's normally an active member of the Talkback Wide-Awake Club. My guess would be heroine, he's been in Scotland a long time now so it is kind of inevitable.