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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Wigan Team News
Mir starts.


Cash, Figueiredo, Worrall, Robinson

Watson (c), Bostock

Lolley, Ameobi, Ribeiro


Subs: Muric, Grabban, Carvalho, Yates, Silva, Chema, Adomah

Sow and Dawson not fit, it seems.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / So farewell then
...Forest's 2018/2019 season. You were much like every other season this decade, give or take. See you for more of the same in August!
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Maths help
I've forgotten my basic algebra. Can you help pls?

Simplify  5m+2p-4m+3p ...

.....and then tell me why.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Kranky OUT
We are going to carry on sacking managers regularly under the present regime and it's clear that Karanka will have a summer, buy some players, and then get sacked before christmas because we are not in the top 6. So surely it would be better to sack him now and get in a new bloke or blokes.

Says I.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Interesting internet thread
If you are like me, and hopefully none of you are, I find myself getting into a narrower and narrower browsing habit. Just the same websites every day. I want to break out of this.

Please recommend your favourite websites: something new, something different, something to educate, something to reinforce your faith in humanity. And say what/why.

My first recommendation: There is so much culture there, it's hard to believe.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Mugabe
Usually, in a poll, the esteemed maniacal syphilitic unhinged murderous despot is one of our options.

But he's no longer a despot, as his despot party have sacked him*.

What, then, do we do? Is he allowed to remain the option before d)? His star is somewhat on the Wayne.

*I find this very suspicious. The whole point about being a despot is that your political party, such as it is, cannot just dismiss you. They might kill you, but they shouldn't be able to just give you your P45.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Is Chicago ok?
Worried that he might have crashed Kilimanjaro into another mountain, or something like that. Also, we have no Hull prediction thread.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Beef grinding question
I want to make really good home burgers. Minced beef does not do it, texture-wise. Does anyone (e.g. Tricky) grind their own Beef? If so, what grinder do they use?

I don't care which OS the grinder requires.