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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Parking north of river
When I lived in Northants I approached Nottingham from the south and parked around Musters Road. Now I live in Southwell it would be good to know a good place to park north of the river. Thanks.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Best place to live between Nottingham & Hucknall?
Daughter starts teacher training next month and will be based at a school in Hucknall. She was going to live with her boyfriend but that's fallen through. She studied in Nottingham so knows the centre of the city and West Bridgford pretty well but, like me, has little idea of the rest of the area. What's the Talkback view on the best area for a young, single woman to live, somewhere between Hucknall and the city centre?  She'll probably be commuting by tram but also has a car if necessary. Thanks.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / For the accountants - a bit of legal help please
My daughter and Mrs Charlie have both done some hourly paid work for a nursery school over the last few months. They've both moved on now and are waiting for their final pay packet, and I'm concerned they're about to be ripped off by the bitch of an owner. The thing is, their payslips just show a total gross amount due - there's no mention of how many hours worked. The owner keeps timesheets but these are not made available to any of the staff. Is this legal? I would have thought hourly paid workers should know how many hours they're being paid for. There's also no logging of any holiday pay. As things stand, the cow could pay her staff whatever she wants and they have no way of disputing what she says is owed.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Farnsfield, Notts - a Mumsnet thread
So... what's it like to live there? We saw a few houses around Southwell the other day - some nice but in the wrong place, some in the right place but not the right houses. We did view a good place in Farnsfield but are not sure about the place itself. Any thoughts?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Ho ho ho... the Christmas thread
Having lost a few friends and family members in recent times, we haven't felt like sending cards for the last few years. But I'm feeling a bit more festive this time around and have just posted the first batch. Obviously, none are for you lot. I have also put lights on a tree outside the door and am off to buy the missus a present or two this afternoon.

Merry Christmas c*nts.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Talkback technical problems?
The board is running very slowly for me today and sometimes won't load at all. I think the Ubuntu is knackered. Come on Tricky, sort it out - how am I supposed to know what's going on in the world without Talkback?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Newspaper apps
I have bought the Independent every day since its first issue but now, through a combination of lack of time to actually read the thing and arguments with post office over no deliveries, expired vouchers etc I think if is time to read a paper on the iPad. I've looked at the Indy app but it doesn't seem very user friendly. Am currently having free trials with the Telegraph (probably too right wing) and the Guardian/Observer (the opposite). Any thoughts? Or should I just accept that electronic newspapers don't work well and go back to the printed version?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Steve Wigley
Coming in, according to Danny Taylor on the tw@tter:

Little snippet from LMA dinner: Steve Wigley has resigned from coaching role at #FFC. He will be Stuart Pearce's No 2 at #NFFC