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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
Meh. They can't be caught. It's literally impossible. We're all just seeing out the end of the season to its inevitable conclusion because the gap is just too great.

Yes, but it's not the team in seventh that we'd need to be interested in. And the team currently occupying the final play-off place are six points in front of us with two games in hand.

So, in the extremely unlikely event Brizzle lost both of those matches, we'd still need a seven-point swing to get in - at the same time as d*rby do worse than us as well.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: A Brum bum or a clever WBA anal thumb
I want him to play like that in every game, even when the opposition is denying him space. Given we have absolutely no way of knowing if he can I'd rather not find out when we're still scrapping for every point we can get, regardless of whether some people think it's doable or not for us to make the playoffs. He only needs to have one howler of a game as a result of inexperience to put a big nail in  our playoff chances and if nothing else, that's not going to be very good for his development.

That's completely nonsensical. Yates is either going to be good enough or he isn't. We won't know if we don't give him a chance. I'd far rather we persevered with him in that defensive midfield position rather than pissing about with Ben Watson.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: A Brum bum or a clever WBA anal thumb
You both called him "very impressive", I'm not sure I'd agree. He did a reasonable job tonight, but I'm not convinced yet that he's a Championship quality player. We'll need a bit more evidence for that.

Agreed. I meant very impressive in the sense that he's hardly played at this level and is a young lad playing against decent opposition.

I don't recall implying that Yates was anything more than that. Indeed I commented that he looked off the pace in the early stages.