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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window

He will worth just as much in the summer.  No point trying to derail the promotion push in January.  This is the time to buy old lags and fcuk up our payroll in the hope we can get lucky.. 

Glenn Murray anyone?  He's even older than Murphy..

Chicago: Credit King. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window

That's because the Wigan left back who I propose we buy to replace the other Robinson is fcuking good.  I would be very pleased if we ponied up for the little yank.  He's very fast and actually gave Cash a right old torrid time when he played against us. 

That would be a fine move.  Not sure Wigan would sell though but it's worth a shot and maybe we buy and loan him back as a gesture of goodwill (although I would prefer if we kept him straight away.).

Chicago: Working the angles. 
That 97th minute equalizer chaffed my wobbly bits so I have decided to go with making fun of their nicknames.  Before becoming the Royals they were the Biscuitmen due to Reading being famous for making errr biscuits. Sounds a bit gay. (Again it’s a bit weird when the scotch social justice warrior is missing drowning in whiskey somewhere)...

Can we cnut these Fcukers?!?!   They did lose to the sh!thousery of Meeewaw so maybe we should go full Samba sow, Yates and Bennylooney on them!!!

Hoping for a victory.  I think we can bum squeak it. 1-0 with someone sliding in and poking it through the goalkeepers arse.  How about Ameobi who must be worried that his French counterpart has arrived.

Chicago. Nicknamed Chic...
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January transfer window
If Robinson is going to Sheff Undead then I would live us to sign the Wigan left back Robinson.  He was excellent against us.

Marcus McGuane likely to sign on a permanent deal which actually pleases me somewhat.  He definitely is talented. 

Chicago:  Speculating the Spectacular.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: FCUK YOU LUTON!

I thought Watson and Lolley were excellent today.  I almost got my prediction right.  We were horrid in the first half but after the equalizer Luton folded.  Grabban and Sow were actually non existent.  Ribeiro had a pretty good game and his pass to lolley was splendid.  Watson clearly fouled their player before we got the goal.  The ref was a bit rubbish but I am glad he caught the hand ball. 

We clearly haven't been playing well but getting the results.  If we can get our recruitment right then we have a shot.  Leeds have started their second half meltdown again so maybe just maybe.  We need a couple of game changers.  A rapid skillful winger and that Murray type to work the defence of the other team so we can get the second ball.

I hope our Greek overlord smells the bread baking and we go for it.

If not then at least we probably aren't going to get relegated.

Chicago: Looking for that boost. 

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: FCUK YOU LUTON!
He plays with a limp every game.  Clutches his ankle and sits down a lot.  Obviously carrying a problem.  Having said that he is still better than most of our team when 50%.

Chicago: Limping along.