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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Summer 2020 transfer window
Can we not just file this one under 'idiot football fans who think wages don't exist'?

Yeah well I missed them obvious bit... it would be loan to buy if we were promoted which would make
Things affordable but obviously if no promotion just a one year rental.

Anyway as idiot football fans go I am doing hypotheticals as Tottenham’s offer is probably the most attractive behind Sheff Utd.  Whatever... It’s all sh!t.  I blame worrall (sell him) and Sabri (replace him after 10 games with hughton or Eddie (yeah I said it fcuk you) because if Sabri is struggling I would like to at least watch a bit of football...

Chicago:  Living in la la land (but slightly East...)
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's annoying me today
My what’s pleasing me proposal resulted in a meltdown from my business partners
who couldn’t understand that giving up $120,000 a year whilst making a transition to running our own business was a bad idea.  Apparently they wanted me to quit cold and run the new place where they actually don’t really have anything to lose by disassociating with my current place of employment because they have no clients. 

They would be fine quitting if I did too so we could work a new place together.  I said that it would be more prudent to have a cash flow and be a business partner where I could help drive business to the new place without it being a financial burden.  We have equal skin in the game but I have way way more to lose. 

So she will quit if I do but won’t quit and run the new place with my help if I don’t as she doesn’t want to be seen as persona non grata  by this current place she has no business with (she has only been here since January) and run the day to day operations of a small place in her home town.  She wants the both of us to do it because she thinks the place will be thriving straight away which is delusional.  I have 16 years of a built up client base.  They won’t follow me because it would be too inconvenient for them.  The only clients she has have come from where the new place would be located.  It could be very successful but she doesn’t want to have that pressure of being the face on the ground. Her husband hasn’t had a job for a year because he apparently doesn’t need to work...  yet they are reluctant to do this now because I am
Following a More pragmatic transitional route. 

I guess they wanted me to do everything as usual.  Ruined my Sunday this did.  Fcukers.

Chicago: Grumpy.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Summer 2020 transfer window
Perhaps it's also indicative of something else?

A player in the lower leagues, who has (at that point in time) talent and ability commensurate with two levels above their current status is rare. The number of players who develop with a club's progression and play up several levels as a result is more common.

Perhaps we should have a development model, rather than a sum of their parts recruitment based model?

Aaaargh!  We were close.  Selling Marty Cash is depressing.  Apparently loads of clubs interested.  I suppose if we were smart we would accept Tottenham’s offer of cash plus sessenon.  Possible proposal.  At least Ryan has form for being decent enough at this level.  Jenkinson is a horror show.  Can Karanka buy him for Birmingham.

The other offer if interest might be from our old pals Sheff Utd again.  Loads of dosh plus luke Freedman.  Decent player.  The other offers seem to be cash (for cash), and Burnley trying to stiff us for cash and Worrall.  Cheap cnuts.

Chicago: Cash poor.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Plague, 2020
Typical lefty fake news from the... Daily Telegraph.

Don’t you just miss Rich B.

This place is too peaceful right now.  We need to get Guru drunk again.

In other news Covid is starting to seep into our business.  A couple tried to head up to Wisconsin to beat quarantine and got the plague but at least we caught it early.  We have a new trainer who is friends with the boss.  He parades around like he owns the place and has to be told to keep his mask on in the facility. The bloke is thick and has been the reason for client complaints which could derail our business and safety protocols.  Anyway he is going to the hospital with a fever.  Still he wanted to come back and tell us the test results.  Horrified (he used to be my client), I told him to fcuk off for at least 10 days and even if he didn’t get positive because being ill is still being ill the fcuking dipsh!t.  I am not sure he was totally understanding...

Stupid cnuts over here.  I am sane compared to most of this lot.

Chicago: Holding on.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The managerial merry-go-round
Give him a 5 year contract and let him build.  He plays proper football.  I like proper football and he also knows a striker or two.

Sorry but Smooch can do one if Eddie Howe is available and GIVEN TIME!   (oh hold on we have a mental chairman nevermind..)

Chicago: Dreamer. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's pleasing me today
Clarity...   I have been working on opening my own gym with Small business association disaster loan Money.  The goal was to do it closer to home because of mitigating factors that include a) long hours, b) never at home C) working with horrible cnuts.  (Not the clients).

So I had formed a partnership with a new trainer and her husband who wanted to do the same but I sensed that even though we would share the costs they wanted me to basically do all the work.  She is new she has nothing to lose as she hasn’t established a large business yet.  I have been doing this for 16 years.  She and her husband wanted me to just quit cold and start cold at our start up.  This bothered me because I make great money and it was understood in my mind that a lot of my clients because of the distance wouldn’t make the jump.  The other’s didn’t seem to understand that or care.  I felt like this was career suicide by doing that so I have decided (and wifey now agrees) that I would remain at my current place of business and still fund the new place as a start up and the other trainer should spend all her time there.  They are financial independent to a point.  We are not as we need the work. 

So an investment partner is what I will be. I will refer people to the new place if it’s expedient as ultimately it would be a second income and I wouldn’t be under stress trying to make ends meet by just quitting a $120,000 job that I didn’t need to. 

These are my terms.  The other couple want a local place (which I think is too small) but since our financial future wouldn’t rest on this, (but possibly a second source of income) I would let them try and run it With my help.  It makes more sense than just saying fcuk it and jumping in two footed Chris Cohen style and hoping that I get away with it. 

Of course this is predicated that the other business partners accept my terms.  The fact that they wanted me to quit raised some red flags to me and didn’t make any monetary sense . Their argument was weak.  I wouldn’t be able to focus on this new project.  Without an income I wouldn’t be able to guarantee success either.

If they don’t go with my proposal then they don’t get to share a start up (something they are keen to do) and I will just walk away and probably give up the loan money with no cost to us. (It’s interest free for the first year due to the pandemic).

My goal originally was to start a place near where I worked so I could take all of my clients with me.  This is a mightily expensive proposition and doing the smaller one in the suburbs makes more sense to see if it is viable.  If it is then maybe after learning the ropes I can make the jump to owning my own place in an area where my clients would go with me.  It has to be convenient for them.  If not then I wouldn’t get the business.  Simple as that. 

Anyway I am now calm about this.  If my business partners are serious (about promotion) then they will go for it.  If not then I still have a job and will work like a bitch for another ten years and retire early.  (Hopefully... as the hours are punishing).

Chicago: Pragmatist. 
I was in for fragments today and I must admit I was a little concerned for Juan Fran who looked like his head was going to explode and Guru's ears who suddenly started yelling at me over the d*rby performance.  I was actually in agreement with him but cloth ears was sitting on the floor again and obviously the speakers weren't on head level.

Anyway entertainment.  Not bad for a busy Friday afternoon (evening in Blighty).  

It's a fun pandemic pudding time.

Chicago: All over the place.

PS: Still no sign of possibly real Donny...
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The All New Apocalyptic Weather Thread
The other weird thing was the warm being in Southern Spain: a Solano or a Terral

I went swimming with Mrs Guru in an idyllic spot on the Thames at Shillingford. Now drinking rose in the garden and cooking on the fire pit.

Happy days.

I hate you.  I am almost your age and am working like a dog trying not to be euthanized.  This is not a good thing..

Chicago: Wanting a garden. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
If you can post on here now you can be present in an hour.  Having a few beers is a good idea.  There are some scary people on there.  You know you want to.  Have another one for some Dutch courage and do it.  Guru can be frightening for a darkie but only when he's sober.  He'll be pissed as a fart and pretend he's sitting on the floor instead of missing the couch and then accusing me of bumming young boys.  It's a laugh fest.   Or it could leave you with PTSD.  Either way jobs a good 'un.

Just think if I posted this in the other thread you might know where to go.

Paul Cook can still get f*cked though....  (PS...can we have Chris Houghton please...)

Chicago: Pushing the envelope. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The All New Apocalyptic Weather Thread
Sounds like normal Chicago summer weather which is sh!t.  I wish we would get the rain too but unfortunately it's as dry as my first girlfriend's snatch... (this is not a good thing..)

The air conditioner failed in our gym yesterday (and we are fancy) and no-one should be sweating like a rapist at 5:30 in the morning unless are a rapist....

Chicago: Waiting for the JP rebuke. 
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The managerial merry-go-round
Cook's (on his way) out

I'm sure somebody else on here said they wouldn't object to him as manager, before someone else (probably our long-haired lover from downtown Chicago) went off on one against it, mainly because's he's Scouse.

I'd take him - his record everywhere is pretty impressive. Better than Sir Kenneth Jackett's anyway.

I would have taken him because I didn't know he was scouse but since he is fcuk him  I hope Wigan write a clause into their transfer policy to bar their former manager from nicking players.  That is our job!  Unfortunately Smoochie is probably staying so we won't be doing that which is a real fcuking shame..

Chicago: Principled.