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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Those lovable TIGs at it again. How quickly can they disappear into mediocrity? Supporting MayBot in a no-confidence vote wouldn't have anything to do with wanting to retain their seat would it? It's ok, because they will reveal their actual policies after the European elections.

I disagree; they surely knew they were likely to lose their seats sooner or later. Supporting May is a pretty principled stance IMO, its not an easy option; people on all sides will hate it, but if the aim is to stop Brexit (which I understand is now their position) she's the least worst practical choice right now.

As for revealing policies later, I can understand why a purist would object, but this is a unique situation. We don't know for certain these elections are even going to happen; and given past engagement with previous EU elections I think it would be a bit ironic for the UK to get to worked up about this. Let's be honest; if it happens it's a proxy for a 2nd referendum and normal rules aren't going to apply.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
So, Cooper/Letwin passes, but what does it actually mean? Not a great deal in fact. The PM cannot now deliberately use no-deal Brexit as a threat to MPs or to the EU; the only way it can happen is by accident.

And yet there are people going round saying things like


I despair. I know nine tenths of f*ck all about this stuff and can see this is simply not correct, yet we have MP's going round saying stuff like this and presumably believing it.