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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Music thread
There's going to sh!t and then there this. The Sweaty windfarm magnet has taken to stealing my(!) intellectual property and mangled it to apply to some screeching pop tart who tried blow up Manchester. "It's pretty good"? He's mocking every single one of you. Shame on you all.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Brexit vote. Come on now own up and face the music.
I voted in but wasn't 100% and I certainly think the EU has been galvanised by the UK's actions, providing them a handy test case for the argument of disintegration.

In other news, and in part as a result of the above I'm going to be taking a break from this place for a bit. I've reached a bit of a critical point with the business and having had the baby, moving the business and buying a house within 9 months I've been chasing cash flow for a couple of months. We had a temp in over the summer which moved us forward but we went back down to a 3 with a view to running it tight until the new year. Really they should have been replaced so we could have kept the volume up so as December is always sh!t this has left us with a bit to sort. We've got someone new starting next week I really need to use the opportunity to continue to grow the business and do what we can to prepare for March, which I think needs to start by stopping arsing about on here and facebook. I think essentially I've found myself leaning on it as there's been long spells where I've been on my todd and therefore looked for someone to wind up then spending too much time checking for responses. Social media gratification and all that. Also there's too much Brexit sh!t (which is essentially a bored RichB trolling) which if you're into it's fine but I'm finding myself reading it then thinking I'm not getting any entertainment value from this, it's pointless. So I need a bit of a break.  I appreciate everyone loves a needy "I'm off" type of post but rather than just slope off I thought I might as well let you c*nts know. I'm sure I'll be back once I get sh!t sorted and will no doubt do a bit of lurking.

Have a good New Year one and all.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's pleasing me today
Thursday was our annual school reunion football match. We've been doing it for about 12 years, some of you may remember it being in The Post last year following the death of my mate. I captain A.C. Afro who are the underdogs, most of our team have long given up football, if they played it all in first place, so it's not particularly surprising that we have only won it 3 times previously. One of those was last year which was a no-win game from their perspective and one year when I was on honeymoon and both sides went all out for ringers. From a squad of 15 morning dropouts before the game put us down to 12, one of whom had been twice hospitalised with a knee problem this fixture so we had an agreement he was there for a half at best, several others were expecting to play 45mins at most as well.

Those who have played football with me will know I love a good defensive contest, a shutout if possible, with everyone taking responsibility for a player. Those who have played football with me will also know I don't deliver this very often. After half an hour we were 1 up but about 3 minutes before halftime a rocketshipp from 25 yards, which got wedged between the stantion and the net levelled the score and we came off 1 all. The first 20 minutes of the second half we were barely out of our half, my 4-5-1 (the short fat sh!t christmas tree formation) was shaking but holding firm. 2 quick goals put us some breathing space but far from comfortable. We about 15 to go and back under a contained but constant wave of attacks. It was only when the ball broke and we nicked a 4th was it looking likely. A 5th was added when they all came streaming forwards and whilst they nicked one in the last minute we took it 5-2. Whilst the scoreline flattered us it was a proper backs to the wall performance with everyone on our side putting a shift in and emerging with real credit. The standard might well have been truely dreadful but there's something really  satisfying about walking off a pitch knowing everyone has given 100% and all feel they contributed to the result. Happy f*cking days.

We'll probably get hammered next year.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What I have learned today
Fear not, we'll be moving to Mingo, Iowa so he'll be well away from his debt problems. We will the look to make our fortune by introducing the locals to an exciting game featuring numbered balls which are drawn at random and if that number is on your card you mark it off until you have no numbers left and then you win. Not sure on a name yet but might go with Johnny and the crossing numbers off on your card game.