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The Daily Cut and Thrust / 3 Phase power question
Someone will be able to answer this... you all look the same to me, but at least one of you works in theatre where this might be easy knowledge and another one of you is tricky who loves talking about wire.

If I have a 3 phase EV charger, can I attach it to something like this in order to be able to use standard domestic appliances?

I don’t have anything specific yet..  but it seems like it should be a completely ordinary thing to be able to do, right? Just a question of getting the correct dongle.

(The reason why is that I may end up with an apartment parking space that has an EV charger, but no single phase outlet. I want to know if I can utilise it to power a trickle charger)
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Fanzines
I've got a bunch of fanzines from the 90's.. I had a pretty much full set encompassing The Almighty Brian, Tricky Tree, Trent Times, Garibalidi and Forest Forever. It's not quite full now because at one time I decided to try and digitise them and didn't get all that far... but I did bin those that did get digitised. I had some romantic idea of getting them all nicely scanned so they could potentially be published online for posterity/nerdyness and the occasional study (I've known people doing legit research using that kind of material)... but it's a ballache to do them properly with the equipment I have available to me.

So I'm never going to get them all scanned and sorted. And I don't especially want them sitting around taking up space. But nor do I want to just bin them all. It makes me sad to think that one day the last person will bin the last early 90's Forest fanzine and they'll all be gone forever.

So if anyone wants them, or knows anyone who'd appreciate such a thing, let me know... PM or whatever. I'd cover any costs (or just back out of the deal if it turned out to be ludicrously expensive). I don't expect anyone will.. but, on the offchance etc etc.