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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Fixture list 2018/19
Last post by jp -
Is this new news? I hadn't realised.

In which case, Jim, fingers crossed for an uneventful birth (believe me, that is absolutely the first thing you should be praying for), and then congratulations on the forthcoming arrival of a little girl. My little girl, now 11.5 yrs, is the most wonderful thing that I have ever known, for more than a decade of my life.

I'm now acutely aware of only having another 6.5 yrs with her at home, at most. When they say it goes quickly, they're not wrong.

I can't be f*cked with masculine dispassion about this kind of stuff. That little girl has kept me sane, and here, for all that time; I'd be a total moron to pretend otherwise.