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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
1. When debated in parliament the referendum was described as advisory.  As a result the debate was curtailed and the criteria for the form of question, and the margins for positive action not scrutinised. On a parliamentary democracy level, the outcome of the referendum had no direct legal implication or mandate. It also excluded many groups of people that might legitimately be considered eligible to vote in normal circumstances (like elections, for example) which again was not scrutinised, because the referendum was a ill-thought out sop to the right wing of the conservative party, not a serious proposition that was thought out, or could be enacted.

2. Two weeks after the legislation had been passed for an advisory vote, David Cameron said that he would respect and enact the outcome of the referendum.  This had no legislative legitimacy.  It was a political act, and a subversion of parliamentary democracy.

3. The campaign to leave was based on demonstrable lies, contradictory promises (in the sense that it was impossible to meet all the expectations raised - despite specific promises by it's leading lights that it was - so more lies on top of factual lies then), and funded (at least in part) by illegal funding, source unproven but circumstantially linked (as are the main protagonists co-ordinating - illegally - the campaigns for leave) to a rogue foreign state (in the sense that it commits illegal acts on foreign soil including murderous assignation, use of internationally illegal weapons, and is waging a war - political, propaganda, economic, and covert actions - against western democracy, and security institutions). Yet the brexsh!tting xenophobes continue appeasing the f*ck out of it, rather than fighting for their country. Totally contrary to their statements.

4. The fourth estate have been worse than complicit.  Not only failing to scrutinise the clear rubbish pedaled, but also supporting anti-western unity propaganda for decades, and using the rhetoric of war and enemy towards our friends. Placing the 'blame' for our ills at the door of 'others' and not at the national policy level where it belongs. The press actively promoted vile demonstrably dangerous and fallacious rhetoric, and failed to provide actual balance by giving crackpots and liars equal (in many cases preferential) platform and credibility to experts in their fields.

5. The referendum result was essentially an equal split across the country, with a minor majority for leave.  Leave was not defined, and meant many things to many people.  Because of the lies they were told, amongst other factors.

6. David Cameron didn't respect or enact the result of the referendum.  He f*cked off. The smarmy PR machine, in search of an idea, left office without having one.

7. The conservative party foisted on the country a *leader* nobody believed in, least of all them.  Her one saving grace (for them) being that she was a viscous xenophobe who profoundly disliked the presence of people of a foreign heritage in the UK, and had taken active measure to create a hostile environment for them, and taken actions to (illegally) send them back (even if they were born here).

8. Taking her view of an anti-immigration brexit to the people for a mandate, she failed to get one. Nevertheless she ploughed on with an extreme right wing interpretation of 'leaving' facilitated by bribing one of the nastiest legitimate political parties to the tune of a billion pounds. While placing more people in poverty, and delaying and reducing needed social security assistance to people in genuine hardship.  Like a modern Jesus telling disabled people to cast of their infirmity and walk to work (even in cases where they were absent the use of their legs).

9. Without an understanding of the issues, or a plan, or any level of collective agreement within the cabinet, she railroaded through parliament a triggering of article 50, and the issuing of statutory instruments that allowed the government to implement vast swathes of legislation without proper scrutiny.

10. Luckily a member of the public, with a legal background, absolutely appalled at the attempt to bypass democracy, established a legal requirement to have parliamentary democracy asserted. She was vilified because she is not pasty, ginger, or corrupt.

11. Two years of insufferable nonsense and a total unwillingness to face the realities of the world ensued. The promises that could never be kept, were not kept. Unsurprisingly the result is supported by no serious constituency. The 'best deal for britain' is substantially and demonstrably worse for Britain, undoubdtedly damaging and costly, with no credible upsides.

12. People who said they always knew what they were voting for (despite that being explicitly contrary to what was campaigned for in the leave case for the referendum) threatened violence and civil unrest (have put a very decent fist into bullying and intimidation for the entire process, just in case) unless they get what 'the people' want.  They are not the people, nor a consensus, and definitely not a majority - as evidenced by their frothing at the mouth attempt to subvert democracy at every turn or resist any attempt to actually find out what people do actually want given the real options. Basically an act of terrorism from radicalised extremist right wing agitators. Who claim to be "proud of their country" while destroying it economically, politically, and tearing it away from the comfort and protection of the western democratic market of rights and privileges that underpin our prosperity.

14. Running the clock down, and turning the gun on our own people, the government are now effectively threatening to usher in absolute catastrophe and third world (trading) status, unless we agree to perform perverted acts of economic and political self harm. A disaster that will have long reaching implications that exceed my natural lifespan.

15. The only way out of this sh!tshow, to minimise the damage, and the length of time for which we are politically and economically crippled, is to withdraw article 50 and apologise for being absolute f*cking morons.

Proud to be British? Right now only an idiot could be.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: January 2019 transfer window
reports from Greek media outlet SDNA suggest he is a target for Olympiacos who are connected to the East Midlands outfit through owner Evangelos Marinakis.

Made me laugh in a 'funny that' sort of way.  Bet we get a good price for him, that helps us spend oodles more this transfer window.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
There is a bit on five live about us at the moment.  It seems to be accepted currency that we have spent a lot of money, will likely spend some more, and we have a firm objective of promotion this year (sh!t or bust, who possibly could have predicted that?). Apparently the owners are excited because MoN will be the man to get us up, and we the fans are excited because we have a new shiny manager with a connection.

Oh for f*cks sake, could the thinking around football be any more limited and patronising?
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
To quote Robbo from an interview in a little known local publication he wasn't big on coaching:
  ..just to be the context I was talking about the 'coaching' was teaching Steve Guppy to cross exceptionally well. Which I know he spent a fair bit of time working on.  It wasn't an overall coaching role I was talking about.  Robbo was classic number two, affable humourist, liked by the players, bridge between manager and squad.

The bit that I suspect Guppy does less well is not the coaching bit, but the legend who is funny as f*ck bit.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
Steve Guppy was Robbo coached, and is effectively the Robbo replacement (wing coach if not the Taylor to O'Neil's Clough in entirety).

I suspect it's one of the big reasons that team O'Neil is not as potent as before Robbo retired.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: This Europe Stuff
Authoritarian, anti-democratic, conspiracy. Where are people who are proud of our country and want to uphold our democratic ideals when you need them to prevent an act of terrorism against our rights, freedoms and livelihoods? Are they enlisting in the good fight or are they out there appeasing the sh!t out of this so that they can persecute muslims? Only asking.

May and Fox completed the three-stage tactic of the right-wing populist: Conspiracy theory, followed by authoritarianism, followed by outright lies.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
If Martin O'Neil comes without team o'neil, or control of those aspects of the backroom, it's a pretty much guaranteed disaster off the bat. It would just be forest to a tee if we finally implemented a club structure at the time it was most at odds with the working practice of the manager we appointed.

I consider suggestions that we have a competent level of football expertise established at the club premature.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Post-Kranky new manager thread
He knows the game, knows how to manage teams to achieve at least the sum of their parts, generally comes complete with a backroom team that provides the expertise that historically we lack.

It's clearly never going to be a proper club based structure, or modern progressive passing football, with an old school manager like MoN..... But then it's clear we are not going to be those things anyway. So might as well have one we have a bit of affection for.

Might make him harder to sack unnecessarily. Might not.