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1         I could think of a few more to put on that list. In fact I think Karanka has signed a couple.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Them there t'other clubs
Watched the Spurs game v Rochdale and I can honestly say I really enjoyed seeing Rochdale score to earn a replay. Daft as it seems financially that's better than a win as a trip to Wembley will make them a few quid.
I wasn't really over impressed when we appointed Karanka, especially when my Boro mate gave his twopennorth. Some of you might recall him from the Larwood when we played Boro and I brought him and his Son down in my car. Warburton had faults but to rip the team up for a bunch of failed journeymen was a step too far. I wish I was confident of getting the wins we need to stop up. The team cannot score and usually concedes for fun. I had to smile at Paul Taylors selection up front for Reading, them two great goalscorers Tomlin and Lolly. That's really comforting and will surely get us the goals we need.
Well Tricky I would have like and hoped to see Warburton bring in just two or three players to help the younger players out. A real Captain and a left back at least. Would he have? We will never know. What I didn't want was almost a new team and I really don't like the idea of Smith knocked down two places, whilst his distribution wasn't great I thought he was a decent shot stopper and the distribution would have come. I have no issue with any of the departures just the replacements.
Well I have felt like Chicago and Tricky since losing to Sheffield United in the play offs. So you can see why I'm a miserable c*nt regarding Forest and why I have been the same for so long. Its one step forward and three back every season. Despite having a moan on here regularly I really have come to accept our position. I think if we got relegated again I would give it up for good. Since leaving Royal Mail I only see a handful of games anyway. Whereas when I went regularly it really did piss me off seeing dross.

I had suspicions about Fawaz almost from the start after reading an extract in the Financial Times which I voiced on here and was shouted down, I am no more certain with our Greek overlord, I don't doubt he has money but I'm not sure of his motives for the club.

As for the Managers, I had doubts about Warbutons style not suiting the players but was happy for him to finish the season to see if it improved. I am certainly not too happy with Karanka, only because I believe he is the wrong manager at a club fighting relegation in a division where the game is physical more than skill. At Middlesbrough he had quite a few players that were capable of playing Karanka football at Forest he doesn't. I also have serious doubts about the players he signed. Maybe one or two can be an asset but the majority are nowhere near match fit and are no better than the existing players in my opinion.

These views wont sit happy with many but they are how I feel.
I didn't go and I didn't listen but my mate who did go said we were poor even with eleven. He didn't think we created much and look disorganised all over the pitch. He is more upbeat about football than me so we must have been bad.
In the circumstances it was a great result. I didn't listen to the game but the text commentary and stats show we were really up against it and held out.
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[quote author=donnyred date=1518777593 link=msg=126562
. In fact I think it will be 0-0.

]I still think that would have been the score without the sending off, well never know.
Reading the text and tw@tter it sounds like Brereton isn't pulling any trees up and Lichaj has f*cked up yet again. What is it with give a player a contract and he just fades.
f*cking hell only just caught up with text commentary. Well it's all to do now ten men.
Anyone got a stream for this game. A radio stream, I'm at work and online radio Nottm is blocked and I'm too far to get it on my digital radio.
Darikwa! I'll get my coat.
Six changes for Forest: 4-2-3-1: Pantilimon; Darikwa, Figueiredo, Fox, Lichaj; Watson, Colback; Cash, Tomlin, Lolley; Brereton. Subs: Kapino, Guedioura, Bridcutt, Murphy, Osborn, Dowell, Bouchalakis
To be fair the majority of the fans at the game think that. That's why the atmosphere is flat. I have only been to three games this season and I can't really say the crowd was behind the team especially after the first ten minutes or so. Also Taylor's prediction of the same back four won't please many fans.
Interestingly 50+ % think we won't win this game according to NEP pole. I think we may get a rare draw. In fact I think it will be 0-0.