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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Thrown to the Wolves!
I detest Wolves, never forgiven them for beating us at Wembley and especially cheating us at their ground when we stopped play for an injury to one of their players. They will thrash us soundly today. The bookies have us at 7/1 to win. Their money is safe we haven't a prayer.
We play a pretty sh!te team, even we beat them away so they must be poor. How will our fragile players face up to there big brutish players not allowing us to tippy tap through their team. I fear a defeat and a search for a new Manager is on the cards.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / January Sales!
I am not convinced we will strengthen in the key areas or we will buy any real assets. Looking at Warburton signings Darikwa shocking, even worse than bringing Kelvin Wilson back. Murphy a lump. Bridcutt not too bad yesterday but not that great most of the time. They must all be on decent money and don't offer a lot. We need a gobby defender, a goalie and a striker with height and able to use his height..
The Daily Cut and Thrust / I can drive a Tractor?
They beat the Sheep, will we be bullied out of the game? I feel we are in line for our first draw. 2-2.
Try my hand at predictions again, seeing as how we have won one lost one on my threads. Burton will park the bus and I really feel we (hopefully) won't concede but neither do I think we will score.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / The A52 Fleece War.
No prediction thread yet? Well I predict a draw but it wont be 0-0.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Will the Blades be Blunt?
Frankly I don't think so, it may be a blessing Mills is out though. I'm down for this game but I am my normal negative bugger and think they will stuff us at least 3-0. I saw a few of their games last season (working there ) and to be honest they were not great. Which makes all the more annoying they are second after just coming up.