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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Is Donny OK?
@donnyred  - please mark yourself as safe and let us know you're ok hun.
If I had removed 2 fresh salmon fillets from the freezer sometime on Sunday morning (supermarket fishmonger-bought, about a month ago, frozen immediately after purchase) and had placed them directly in the fridge to defrost, how long do I have before consumption will give me the sh!ts / superpowers / death?

I.e. Can I leave them until tomorrow? The internet doesn't seem to universally agree.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / No Nonsense Boro Thread.

Van Hooijdonk (2), Cooper, Campbell.

Robson calls the ref a 'Homer'.

Right - google seems to have conflicting opinions on this, so I'm seeking the sage counsel of the Talkback massive.
How long is a frozen chicken good for in the fridge once defrosted (also in the fridge)?

I took it out on of the freezer on Saturday night with the intention of roasting it on Sunday, but didn't.  Tonight I really can't be arsed.

It's a quandry.

I completely missed this. No idea if it's worth a watch.  

September 25th and December 16th
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Football Stadiums.
I've no idea what the criteria actually is if Sinny Bank is  #14. 

But look, No. 5.

And that's without the new lick of paint.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Awooga Juango're probably already there. I've only just noticed this, however.

Never gets boring.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Manchester Bombing
Bloody hell. 19 dead at Manchester Arena....

These  have been doing the rounds in the office today:

1. Four players have played in the Manc, Scouse and El Clásico derbies. Who are they?

2. Four British players have won the European Cup / Champions league with foreign teams. Who are they?
.....except I can't seem to get a stream to work.

The Daily Cut and Thrust / Monday Quiz
9/10.....and that's only because I accidentally clicked the wrong 'Manchester'

Badges. Not that difficult.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Is Russ OK?
Stop everything!!!!

One of our own is in trouble. Apparently, everyone's favorite angry Ewok  has 'Extreme' in his head. This is no good for anyone. I understand, even applaud, his plea for immediate death, but still....

Can we have some sort of charity fundraiser or something?

Thought I might as well have a go.....

Anyway, Leed 1 Forest 4,

Keane (2), The No.9 and erm, someone else. Woany?

Everybody wonders etc.